Living over 8 years ago by Liz Adams

DIY Flower Crown


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good flower crown? I, for one, definitely do so I’ve teamed up with Oliver Dogwood Flower Co. to bring you an easy {trust me} DIY that you can do at home. I’ve always been a little intimated by making my own crown but these simple steps make doing-it-yourself a breeze. Pull it out at your next music festival, outdoor barbecue, baby shower, or random Sunday Funday – because why not? Get the details below…


What you’ll need: 2-3 flower varieties {up to you}, a vine for the headband base – we used Jasmine Vine which is easy to loop in a circle, green floral tape rolls, green floral wire, flower shears {optional}, and pretty satin ribbon.


Step one: choose your flowers. We used ivory Majolica, Tweedia, blush pink stock flowers, and orchids.


Step two: take your vine and loop it around your head to determine where you’d like your crown to sit. Using green floral tape secure the vine into a loop – this will be your base.


Step three: Take your flowers and carefully thread a piece of wire through the under part of the flower and wrap into a long stem.


Step four: Wrap the wire in green floral tape. This will ensure you can easily wrap the flowers around the headband base.


Step five: Align the flowers together {however you choose} and line them up with the headband base. Using green floral tape secure the flowers to the base. It helps to bend the wires into a circular shape to line up with the headband.


Step six: Continue adding flowers as you see fit! I liked to leave a few leaves on my flowers to add some greenery. You could also wrap additional leaves/vines if you’d like it to be more natural. Trim, if needed.


Step seven: Add a thick satin ribbon to the back of the headband. Leave a little extra at the ends to cascade.


There is something about a flower crown that makes you want to dance around! I was so happy with the flowers we choose – they were natural enough but not overly full. I paired it with a pretty eyelet Love Sam dress and my lace Soludos for a breezy look, perfect for summer.


Love Sam Eyelet Dress  //  Lace Soludos  //  Super Sunglasses  //  YSL Lipstick in Corial Jalouse

Photos by Heather Talbert, post done in collaboration with Oliver Dogwood Floral Co.