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5 Tips to Being Happier

5-tips-for-feeling-happierBeing pregnant has opened up a lot of emotions, thoughts and feelings for the future. My transition to a mother, my job, my surroundings, my relationships, my drive, saying yes to things that make me happy, and saying no to things that don’t. In three months I’ll be saying goodbye to a generally selfish lifestyle where Dave and I can do pretty much anything we want without worry, a lifestyle that I am very willing to forego because being a mom is all I’ve ever wanted, but a change to say the least.

I have loved pregnancy. I already anticipate missing my baby’s sweet little kicks and jabs inside my belly – a feeling that is completely unexplainable until you feel it for yourself. It’s such an incredible, life-changing miracle that I am so blessed to experience. However, it has also ignited negative emotions – lack of confidence, insecurity about what our baby will bring for this site/my brand {will you guys be happy? will I have enough time?}, competitive-ness with myself to do more now, regrets, and a feeling that I am constantly one step behind due to a general lack of energy. We all have our moments and instead of getting down I’ve chosen to surround myself with things that will lift me up and taking time to reflect on all of the good {because there is so much}. I imagine that all of us feel this way once in awhile so I thought I’d share five things that have worked for me…

1. Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths. I probably do this 3 times a day and it’s usually following a moment where I’ve jumped to conclusions about something, compared myself to someone else, procrastinated or made a silly mistake because I wasn’t paying attention. We are all guilty of these moments and sometimes you just have to close your eyes, breathe, move on and ignore that it even happened.

2. Put your phone down. I’ve said this before but comparison is the thief of joy. Whoever coined that phrase was so on-point. If this never happens to you then you are a queen and you need to teach me your ways. No one’s life is as beautiful as it looks on social media, I promise {I can attest!}. So if you’re discouraged because one of your peers, work buddies, friends, etc. are taking lavish vacations, buying an expensive handbag, making more money or just generally better at taking photos than you are – well just know that life is about a much bigger picture. I find that in those moments of weakness where I get down on myself for not doing more, not pushing myself more, not making bigger plans or having bigger goals – I have to think of what I want for me. I promise none of it will matter in 10 years, so put your phone away for 30 minutes and remind yourself that you’re pretty fricking cool, too.

3. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself. Even if it is selfish, just do it. Get your nails done, go for a run, read a book, buy yourself a pretty dress, send yourself flowers, write a thank you note that makes you feel like an adult, buy a journal, treat yourself to an indulgent meal, buy a pretty candle that costs way too much money, or book a day at the spa. If I’m not happy with myself, ain’t no one going to be happy and sometimes indulging in these little things make me happy.

4. Get inspired. For me, this is really useful for when I’m in a rut with work. This is different for everyone but my favorite way to get inspired is to move my office to my favorite coffee shop, browse Pinterest, write down ideas and goals, and create a board that embodies the direction and growth I want to see for my brand. When I feel excited about work it reflects on every other aspect of my life {sad but true}. Are you all on Pinterest? You can follow me here.

5. Step out of your comfort zone. Push your boundaries! There is nothing more liberating that doing something out of character. You know the small tattoo on my wrist? That was a moment where I have never felt more alive in my entire life! Silly but true and although I look down at my wrist and think to myself whyyy? I love it because it defines a moment in my life when I felt brave. Now I’m not saying “go get a tattoo!” but sign up for tennis lessons, go on that first date, apply to the job you’ve wanted forever, move to a new city, pitch yourself to a brand you love, ask your boss for a raise, or kiss the boy first. I promise it will ignite this fire inside you and you’ll look at life in a new light.

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