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Half Way There

half way through our pregnancyWe’ve officially passed the half way point in my pregnancy and I wanted to share a quick update!  I’m still kind of clueless about everything but we have word that our baby is happy and healthy and is kicking away inside my belly which I consider good in my book. If our little one looks anything like Dave as a baby, I’m going to be one lucky momma…{insert heart eye emoji}.

The baby: Like I said before, we are going to be surprised about the sex and I’m finding it a little more difficult to associate with the baby. I keep calling the baby “it” which I hate! I’ve really been steering clear of any theories or myths about how I’m carrying, what I’m craving, etc. to determine what we are having beforehand {we want to be surprised for a reason!} but am equally anxious!

My diet: I’ve been living off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, greek yogurt, baked cheetos/Pirates Booty, and fruit {specifically apples, grapes, and strawberries}. I’ve been struggling with really bad heartburn so my diet has been completely bland and boring – aside from the occasional pizza craving! Also, so much water. Not enough veggies.

My body: Being pregnant is crazy you guys! Talk about looking/feeling different on a daily basis. My first trimester wasn’t the easiest but it definitely wasn’t horrible compared to some stories I’ve heard. I kind of consistently felt sick {I kept describing it as that feeling when you drink too much coffee on an empty stomach but it won’t go away}. I also struggled with horrible heartburn that kicked in every day at 4pm and prevented me from eating anything at night. Because of this I lost quite a bit of weight up until week 14 and now I’ve gained it all back plus about 4 pounds {although it feels like 20!}. Now I feel great! I love watching my belly grow, feeling/seeing little kicks throughout the day and finally being able to show off my bump a bit. I’ve been rotating between Honest Belly Balm, Bio Oil, and Clarins Stretch Mark Minimizer to avoid stretch marks!

Sleep: Up until recently I’ve been sleeping around 10 hours a night! I used to be the hardest sleeper but I’m finding myself waking up to almost every noise these days. I hear this will only get worse so I’m trying to get as much sleep as possible before I can’t…

Decorating: We are moving a week from today {!!!} and I am so excited to finally be able to visualize where our baby will be sleeping/growing/living. We are slowly working on the nursery and have chosen our crib and dresser/changing table but I’m on the hunt for a great glider/chair. Any suggestions?? I love this option from Serena & Lily but it is pricey.

Registering: We are tackling this task in the next couple of weeks and I’m completely overwhelmed. A few friends have sent over their lists of must-haves but I’d love your suggestions, too!

Fashion: Up until recently I’ve been really comfortable in my pre-pregnancy clothes but now everything is TIGHT. The biggest issue isn’t even my belly, it’s my boobs. These things will not stop growing. I’ve finally picked up a few pieces from Rosie Pope and Hatch {you can shop my picks below!} which will be huge lifesavers in the coming months. I’m just looking forward to warm temps so I can live in dresses because pants are too restricting. However, I do have these white denim maternity shorts that I love and these jeans are comfortable, too!

easy maternity styleI’ve been a big fan of Hatch Collection since before I got pregnant because their pieces are designed to be worn before, during, and after your pregnancy. Each item is just pretty and exactly how I want to look when I’m too big to walk. Rosie Pope‘s pieces {more here} are like butter! I have been wearing this dress pretty consistently {seen here} and am about to pick up her stripes tee’s and this pretty floral dress, too!

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Row 1: HATCH 3/4 Body Dress  //  HATCH Luncheon Dress  //  HATCH Twilight Jumpsuit  //  HATCH Trench Coat
Row 2:  Rosie Pope Floral Dress  //  Rosie Pope Long Sleeve Maternity Tee  //  Rosie Pope Cinched Dress  //  Rosie Pope Maternity Romper