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Holiday Cocktail Recipe

Festive-Cocktail-Recipe_Cherry-Bounce_1 Festive-Cocktail-Recipe-Cherry-Bounce-2 Festive-Cocktail-Recipe-Cherry-Bounce-3In hindsight I probably should have given you guys this recipe a few weeks ago but if you take advantage of this now, it should be ready in time for Christmas festivities! And honestly, this drink really can be enjoyed all through the winter months {so Chicagoans, enjoy until April}. A little back story, Dave and I met in September of 2009. That Halloween, Dave and I drove up to Northern Michigan where his family had a farm in Leland. We arrived really late at night and his dad greeted us with a glass of Cherry Bounce. Until yesterday I honestly thought that this was my father-in-law’s original recipe {it’s ok Bob, I love you anyways!} but it seems the internets already know about the deliciousness that is Cherry Bounce. Either way, on a bitterly cold winter night – this is the cocktail you want to enjoy. It is cozy, cinnamon-y, warm, and strong! The trick is to let this mixture sit for at least a month, so the cherries and the cinnamon infuse the vodka. Trust me, it will definitely be worth the wait.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 large drink canister {we used this!}
8 cups of cherries {since they are out of season, we used frozen cherries}
3 cinnamon sticks {we generally use 3-5, whatever you prefer!}
2 cups of sugar
1 gallon of vodka

Mix all of these items together in a large drink canister {make sure it can accommodate a gallon of vodka!}. Let sit for 1-2 months {room temperature – on your kitchen counter is fine!}, mixing every now and then with a wooden spoon. The longer it sits, the better it tastes. The 2 cups of sugar is really important {any less and you can really taste the vodka}, so once the mixture reaches your taste preference then enjoy! Serve on ice or warmed up.

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