Living over 10 years ago by Liz Adams

Lucerne, Switzerland

CheapOAir_1 CheapOAir_2 CheapOAir_3 CheapOAir_4 CheapOAir_5 CheapOAir_6 CheapOAir_7Today I wanted to share some photos from our time in Switzerland {part 2 will come next week!}, which was without a doubt, the most beautiful few days of our trip. Dave and I took a 6 hour train from Rome to Lucerne, a train that I had taken with my sister three years ago, and after being blown away by the winding views of the Swiss Alps, I knew the train ride would be worth it for Dave to see too! Lucerne is the sleepiest little town along Lake Lucerne with the most charming downtown and gorgeous mountain views. We had a long, boozy lunch at Hotel Montana {a beautiful hotel up the mountain overlooking the lake} and took a cocktail cruise around Lake Lucerne that was both informative and fun; two things that I would highly recommend to readers that plan on visiting. The beautiful bridge that runs through the town was built in the 1500’s and the entire setting is straight out of a fairytale. It’s hard not to feel completely happy when you’re there.

Dave had never been to Europe before our trip and I was so excited to hear him say that he wanted to plan our next trip soon after we returned. I read a quote once that said “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer,” and I loved coming home feeling rich. The world is an amazing place and there are so many beautiful places to see, if you get the chance – take it. We met this adorable old man at a pub in Switzerland who said he had been to all but eleven states in the U.S., which sadly is more than I can say. It’s a reminder that travel is outside our front doors – the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, the Redwood’s, Napa, the Rocky Mountains – there is so much to see! That being said, I wanted to fill you in on a fun little giveaway! CheapOAir is giving one lucky traveler 50 tickets to explore the continental U.S. in 2014! You can enter throughout the month of June for your chance to win. Entering is easy – all you have to do is download the CheapOAir app, then register to win. Spread the travel love to friends and family and get up to four more entries to the sweepstakes! If you haven’t used them before, they make booking travel super easy! Dave and I use them all the time.

Gosh, how dreamy would that be! Where would you go?

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