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Happy Weekend


TGIF! Off to another wedding! Ha, this whole off to another wedding friday post is becoming humorous. I can’t believe how many weddings I have had this summer but come Sunday we are in the clear! I have completely run out of dresses to wear so I’m pretty sure that the photos you see on instagram will be filled with repeat offenders. Oh well. How was your week? Mine was filled with some serious catch-up. Do you guys ever feel like when the rest of the world goes back to school {probably some of you!}, you need to start getting your butt in gear? Like summer is over, Liz, time to get your shit together. That is how I felt/feel.
Thank you for all of the sweet birthday wishes! Another year older. Aside from this beauty, I also splurged and bought myself a pair of these. Living in Chicago, I know they will get a ton of wear so I think they will definitely pay for themselves. See how I can justify anything + everything? HBD to me! Finally, I wanted to say thanks for visiting this week. I haven’t had a ton of time this summer to dedicate to new content with numerous weekends away, but this week was spent shooting, dreaming, scheduling, and planning fresh new content for S&S and I could not be more excited. So thanks for sticking by when things get quiet – you all are the best. Have a wonderful weekend!
PS: Naomi shared this {I know but trust me} on her blog and I thought it was wonderful. Something to remember!