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Keeping It Real

This post may be a little heavy for a Monday but we’re all friends here so today I’m going to keep it real. Over the past few months, I have been going, going, and going. It sort of feels like I can’t come up to catch me breath and it is effecting my mood, my health, my sleep schedule, my time spent with my loved ones and ultimately my drive. I am a creature of routine, and I know that this feeling stems from a seriously crazy summer schedule that isn’t allowing me to start and finish my weeks fresh. {Does that get to you too?} But right now I just don’t see the end in sight and I annoy myself with the pressure I feel to be productive and balance everything. Overall, it is hard to pinpoint where my priorities stand at the moment. Does this happen to you?Β 
It’s hard because I feel like I am neglecting you. I feel guilty that I haven’t been spending as much time brainstorming new ideas for S&S, finding inspiration, shooting new outfits, etc. I have so many dreams for this blog andΒ exciting things/collaborations in the works that will create some pretty changes around here but for now I’m feeling like I’m stuck in limbo. I guess this is what summer feels like when you’re no longer on break and everything in life is in constant cycle…
I can’t even begin to count the things I am thankful for because this space, my family, my friends, my little life in Chicago, and you are what makes every day better than the last. I look forward to every single comment, every Facebook like, every repin on Pinterest, every tweet, every new follower, like, and comment on Instagram, just everything. You guys are what keeps me going, keeps my eyes open, and keeps my mind constantly moving! There isn’t anyone in my life that enhances my creativity and drive more than you so for now I just want to say thank you for visiting everyday. Thank you for reading my banter. Thank you for checking in on Saturday’s when Weekend Style posts don’t go live {sadly they’ve taken the back seat lately!}, and just for always being so supportive and patient. I think that this stress stems from me feeling guilty that I’m disappointing you so if there is anything on S&S you’d like to see more of, anything you miss, anything you hate, please fill me in. Alright, that’s enough chatter for today. xo

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  1. Agree with both the comments above – as bloggers, I think we all go through this at one time or another. It’s completely normal & okay. I for one am not going anywhere and always enjoy your posts. The GOAB series & your outfit pictures keep me coming back! This too shall pass…and when it does, we’ll all still be here πŸ™‚

  2. Darling, take a deep breath! We are here for you and love every post you do on S&S. Don’t fill your mind with guilt, take a couple days off and relax! I keep coming back for your fun outfit posts : )

  3. I know exactly what you are going through. Sometimes you just have those weeks where it seems like you have nothing new to take pictures of on your blog and all the outfits you put on seem blah and boring. And sometimes you have weeks where all you really need is a sunny few days to relax and read a book. Feeling like you are stuck in a rut is perfectly fine. However, even in your rut your blog posts are one of the things I look forward to every morning. In my opinion your outfits lately have been gorgeous and creative. You are the master of print mixing and I always try to look as amazing as you do. So if you are still feeling down go for a walk, go somewhere completely new (even if it just down the street), and try to forget about everything that is worrying you for just a little bit. As Kimberely said above, we aren’t going anywhere!

    ~ Caroline

  4. Liz, you are the greatest! I love your blog and everything you do here for us. I also love that you are aware of what you need as a person, and that you are able to see that you’re more than just your wonderful business and know when you need to take care of yourself. Go you!

  5. It’s so important you recognize when you need to take a step back and just enjoy life! You do a great job here at S&S and I have never been disappointed! As readers we don’t put pressure on you to post everyday…we are busy too and get it! Hang in there and take a break for yourself πŸ™‚

  6. I definitely understand that feeling. There is always SO much to accomplish and never enough time to do it all. But I would actually disagree and say that I never get the sense that this space is even slightly neglected. Your blog is one of about 10 that I check every single day and I feel like the content is always fresh and innovative. I love your outfit posts and any post about life – like your instagram updates and your happy weekend posts.

    Thank you for the honesty on this Monday morning and don’t worry, if you ever skip a day or two of blogging I totally understand – I’ll still be here to read when you’re back. πŸ™‚

  7. Like everyone else here, I totally know the feeling! But health, your family, your friends, they have to get priority too. You’re doing amazing things and being this busy with so many new adventures and projects only confirms that. You’re awesome and so is your blog. You CAN do it all, but it’s okay to check out for a few hours each day. πŸ™‚

  8. Lady, this stuff happens. Just make yourself a to do list and slowly make your way through it! You can only do what you can do πŸ™‚


  9. Love, I get this feeling all the time. Sometimes though it’s ok to not make the blog a priority instead make yourself one. When you do so I think sometimes it helps all things going on in your life. I took a long break last year and while I may have lost some followers I regained my sanity which, in the long run, is so worth it. Sending you a big hug!!

  10. I’m a new reader and love your blog! just sayin’ it may feel overwhelming but from the new girl perspective it’s still pretty great. Keep up the great work, but keep up your spirits too!

  11. Just keep swimming…Your blog is one of my favorites and as a fellow blogger I think we all feel overwhelmed at times, or like we aren’t doing enough! Everyone needs a break to regroup and gain some inspiration and REST!

  12. I love your blog! I definitely know the feeling. You can do everything, but remember to enjoy the journey and to give sometime to yourself (you deserve it!)



  13. I can honestly say that it hasn’t seemed neglected at all! I found a few free minutes this weekend to play around with Bloglovin’ more (I’m finally accepting that Google Reader is gone…) and create some folders to help me on days when I don’t have time to read everything (most days, it seems lately). I marked a few blogs as ‘Favorites’ and S&S is unquestionably in that folder! Your style is always fun and current and most importantly, relatable! You continue to inspire me to mix patterns and try trends I wouldn’t necessarily attempt on my own. Thank you for sharing your style with us!

  14. It definitely hasn’t felt neglected at all Liz. In fact it’s felt as if you’ve been doing more with it! I love S+S, but also make sure you are giving enough time to your family and friends, they are the most important! Blogging can be hard to keep up with, but I definitely hear ya on everything here, you aren’t alone in your feelings!

  15. Everyone goes through times like this, so don’t beat yourself up over it!! Your blog is one of the best ones out there, so don’t feel like you are neglecting it at all, it’s wonderful!! Take a breath and keep up the good work!!

  16. Like many others I have never felt that you were neglecting us with superior content or lack luster posts! I always enjoy visiting your site, looking at the pictures you post on Instagram, and the pins on Pinterest. Have a wonderful and hopefully less stressful week!

  17. i completely understand! it’s hard when there is so much going on. i don’t think you have been neglecting at all, you have been doing so many things lately and i feel like you try to keep us as updated and inspired as possible! you are doing great! (i would be okay with more pictures of webster though. he’s really cute.)

  18. Liz, as a fellow creature of routine I can completely relate to what you are experiencing now! That’s the funny thing about summer, we go in with expectations to relax and recharge and oftentimes are busier than ever. Even with a plate full of fun events or projects I can only imagine it can become incredibly draining. As a long time reader of your blog I want you to know that i think you are doing a wonderful job! The reason I love S&S so much is because I can really tell that you are staying true to who you are in the moment. I am so inspired by so many of your posts because they are so uniquely you. So please don’t beat yourself up! You are doing a fantastic job and I feel like you are really coming into your own more than ever πŸ™‚ As for your posts I say quality over quantity, and I think you have some of the most quality posts out there-that truly stay true to your own personal style and ideas. So don’t worry if your posts don’t always go up on time! I would much rather see a few posts a week from you in this busy phase of your life, than know it is causing you a great deal of stress to produce posts everyday.

  19. If you need a break, take a break. Don’t force yourself to “entertain” your followers – we follow you because we like who you are. If you need a breather, take it, for goodness sake! It’s your live, and you shouldn’t feel as though you aren’t living it.
    I really hope you feel a little more in control soon.

  20. Liz, you are a fantastic blogger. Regardless of how many times or how much content you post, I’ll keep coming back because you’re a real girl with a real blog. And in just quickly scrolling through all the comments its seems like other people feel the same. Sounds like you need a few (well deserved) days off. Don’t worry about perfection in every post; your followers aren’t going anywhere!

  21. I’m right there with you right now. Some days I just can’t seem to find the time to post, and I’m feeling majorly guilty about it. I think it’s perfectly fine to take a day off every now and then… I know the guilt eats at you, but ultimately it’s better for your blog when you don’t feel like it’s a chore and don’t feel like you’re drowning in to-do’s!

  22. Omg I’ve taken a very guilty break from my blog the last 2 weeks and am just now getting back into it and I felt exactly the same way, especially since my blog is so much tinier than yours! But now that I’m back in the rhythm of things I’m happy to be blogging again. I guess once in a while we do just need to prioritize and re-energize – otherwise our content won’t be nearly as good either.


  23. Don’t make yourself resent your blog. Take a breather, walk away. Remember to reserve time for yourself, don’t worry about us! (Even though we love your posts!)

  24. I love your blog, I think it’s real and sweet and fun! I actually feel you do really well with posting a lot, I always feel guilty about my own and only post every week or so. A girl recently said how she didn’t grow a garden this year because she didn’t want to set herself up to feel guilty and awful all summer. This simple thing was huge to me because I’m always wanting to do too much and can never find time for it all. Maybe you could benefit from this thought too? It sounds like you’re very successful in all the things you do, so maybe its time to make time for yourself and make a decision to brake from things. Then you won’t feel bad because you already decided you wouldn’t do it. (I’m rambling. It’s just some advise as I’ve been dealing with this as well πŸ™‚ )