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Happy Weekend

After an extremely l o n g week, I am so happy to welcome Friday. What do you have planned for this weekend? I am going to the Gilt City Warehouse Sale preview tonight {get your tickets here!}, working with a client, and looking forward to catching up on some sleep. Chicago teased us with a small taste of spring last week but has since turned into a freezing, rainy mess. There is actually snow in the forecast for tomorrow – which kind of makes me want to cry. Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s nice and warm!
A few things to note:
Victoria and Meg launched the b bar this week! It is a website full of cocktails and cure-alls for your blog and business. Whether you are new to blogging, a seasoned veteran or an entrepreneur – I highly recommend taking a look at their menu. Plus, how insane is their branding – I am completely obsessed.
Alex‘s beautiful Chicago wedding was on SMP yesterday! And, Victoria‘s too! How cool is her SF penthouse setting?
Congratulations to Caroline Wilson, you are the lucky winner of the Biscuit Home giveaway! We will be emailing you shortly 🙂