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I am at a loss. When Dave and I first moved in together, I was so excited about decorating. Lots of big decisions were made and purchased – a new couch, a headboard, rugs, etc. but now I have hit a wall. There are so many gaps that need to be filled in and I just don’t know where to begin. For the most part, Dave has pretty much let me take the reins on decorating and I would have to say it is not the most masculine of homes. However, Dave definitely has comments about the decor – like he needs a more comfortable throw pillow on the couch {our current pillows are a faux mohair and he asked me “what’s a mo?”}, he doesn’t want anything on the coffee table because he’ll end up kicking it off, he actually tried to put a Detroit Lions mat by our patio door – just so you know what I’m working with {a total dude}. 
So here is what I need – any favorite Etsy shops for art? We really need some stuff on the walls. 
I think I am going to buy this mirror to go above our couch, but any other suggestions? 
What would you consider to be a manly addition to the home? 
Where do you find cute bathroom decor? Our bathroom’s are SUPER bare. 
Ok thanks friends, I knew I could count on you!
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