Ask Liz over 11 years ago by Liz Adams

Ask Liz: Five Things


Thanks to Alex, today I am sharing five completely random things that you may not know about me…
1. I have a very strong fear of death. So bad that I really should go see someone because at times it is all-consuming. For some reason I believe that it is my job to protect my loved ones and I constantly feel like I need to be available for those that need me. It is a terrible distraction. So I am really trying to worry less, and live more. It would make my life much happier. 
2. My middle name is Erhardt {like Amelia but we are not related}.
3. You may have noticed that I have a tattoo. A small cross on my left wrist. I got it my senior year of college, completely sober, because I felt like being rebellious. A thing that is completely unlike me, but for that reason, I like it. 
4. I still sleep with a stuffed animal. He is a polar bear, his name is Poley, and I got him the day I was born. At this point he is like part of the family, if my parents haven’t seem him in awhile they will ask how he is doing. He has been with me at every great juncture in my life. A true friend. 
5. I got my wisdom teeth pulled almost 5 years ago and I still don’t have feeling in the bottom right side of my lip/mouth. It sort of always feels like I have novocain on my lips. I don’t notice it as much anymore {unless I bite really hard and realize that I didn’t feel a thing}, but when it first happened I had to figure out a new way to smile, I didn’t know how to kiss anymore, and my face was a little droopy. A very terrible experience!
I was going to tag five bloggers but since this little theme has sort of taken over the blog world, I am going to leave it open-ended for all of the bloggers out there! Go nuts 🙂