Style over 11 years ago by Liz Adams

Streamlining My Wardrobe in 2013

One of the first items on my “to-do’s” for 2013 is to go through my closet, get organized, weed out items that can be donated, and try to re-focus my wardrobe. As you can tell, my style tends to be on the classic side with a hint of “sometimes I dress like I am still ten years old.” Since becoming a young professional, I have began to feel like my wardrobe needs to become a bit more streamlined and focused on the future of my business/myself as a brand. This year I am determined to spend less on silly filler items and more on investment pieces that can maintain their wear for years to come. Above are a few items that I think are staples in every woman’s wardrobe {and worth the extra pennies!}.
A new year is the perfect time to tackle that extra weight that has been looming in your closet. If you’re interested in my help, please check out my services and email me to schedule a closet consultation!