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The Newest Addition: Tillie & Tweedle

I’ve been frantically searching for the perfect piece to fill up the wall behind our couch. I am not a huge fan of the gallery wall {too much work + too overused} and I liked the idea of one item centered on the wall. I knew I wasn’t looking for any framed art, and I wanted something that Dave would likeenter Tillie & Tweedle and meet Mr. Moose.
Tillie & Tweedle is an adorable Etsy shop based in Oregon that specializes in faux taxidermy. You can choose between a moose and a deer, with the option to add color {hence my gold antlers!}.
Pretty handsome, huh?
…and, because it’s the holidays, he needed a little decor… 
which I am sort of in love with. So, if you’re looking for a little something different for your home, visit Tillie & Tweedle! Their designs are so much fun and completely reasonable. They are also S&S’s newest sponsor so please give them a big warm welcome by visiting their shop.