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Tips for Maximizing Your Closet

Let’s talk about what is wrong with these photos…
The shelves are packed with items that should be stored somewhere else, the folded sweaters are a mess, summer shorts should be put away, my child hood polar bear has made his new home amongst overflowing clothes, shoes take up an entire shelf {such a waist of space}, hangers are random and cause rack to be bulky, and hanging clothes are disorganized. Sound familiar? It happens to the best of us, and when it happens to me, I get so anxious that I can’t do anything without organizing my closet first {it seriously ruins my day, starting with getting dressed!}. Call me anal, I guess that is why I am in the biz! Here are a few tips for making sure this doesn’t happen to you {that often}.
Fold down items that won’t wrinkle to free up some hanging space.
Separate your summer and winter clothing, usually you can see a clear difference. I don’t necessarily store all of my summer pieces, but I will organize them towards the back of my closet. 
Organize your hanging racks. People do this in different ways, and if you look at the above photo you may not think it is organized – but this is how I work: I separate my tops by style, then by color/shade, then by print. So, left to right you will see my sleeveless tops, from light to dark, from non-print to printed {within each color}. Then it follows the same routine through short sleeves shirts, blouses, button down shirts, sweaters, and dresses. It works for me, but plenty of my clients prefer a color coordinated closet which I sometimes do as well. 
Pull out your seasonal essentials {these are my blazers}. 
Pull out your boots {I like to stuff my Sperry’s, which are retired until Spring, into the legs to keep them standing}.
Purchase a small step ladder. I seriously take this with me to every client’s closet. You can’t half ass a closet, it is a big project but totally worth it. You will need this to get to the hard to reach areas. 
Maximize your space with additional racks. Instead of my shoes taking up one long shelf, they are now stacked and arranged so my favorite pairs are the first thing I see when getting ready. I purchased this shoe rack from Ikea. 
The result: clean racks, synchronized hangers, and a clean space to play dress up every day. 
This task can be daunting {and take awhile} so if you are need of some help, email me! It is my favorite way to work with my clients! 
{If you are looking for any item sources, please email me.}