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Styling: Outfits for Fall

Recently my clients have been asking for suggestions on ways to maximize their closets with a few specific additions. I am beginning to see a repetition with a few of the items that I have been suggesting so I thought I should probably share them with you…
This East Coast client recently wanted two separate outfits that could easily transform into work or play with a change of pants, shoes, and maybe a few accessories. I tend to get ahead of myself and include one-too-many items for my clients to choose from, but the theme is all the same.
Here are a few favorite items on repeat for my clients:
The perfect gingham shirt {always a classic}.
A cozy knit sweater {perfect for layering}.
A patterned top {great for a night out or sophisticated for work}.
Hunter green {I can’t even handle this jacket and pant combo}.
A patterned scarf {to polish off an outfit}.
A novelty sweater {I have been suggesting this option to everyone}.
If you’re in need of a few fresh outfits for fall, an outfit for a specific event, some fabulous holiday ensembles, or are looking for a list of essentials; E-Consulting is a great option for those who don’t happen to live in Chicago. If you do live in Chicago and are finally looking to weed through and organize your closet, clean and purge those stagnant items, figure out what exactly you should be wearing for your body type and wake up your wardrobe – email me! I’d love to help you press re-start.