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Trust Me, It Works

Visiting New York did something to me. It put me in front of an incredible amount of women that I look up to and admire for their talent and constant inspiration. Women like Molly and Sally, Bradley, Mackenzie, VictoriaSarah, Bri, Alex, Grace, Alicia, and so many more. Women that have enviable careers in fashion, graphic design, social media, branding, and styling. Women that are my age, and that I am proud to say are my peers in this big blog world. 
When I first decided to go to NY, I immediately sent out emails trying to fill up my time and meet everyone possible. It’s strange going into a situation knowing a person without actually meeting a person, but blogging makes you feel like we are all just a big group of girlfriends! Don’t you agree? I can’t tell you how refreshing it is when the women you meet are actually the women you read on their blogs, and meeting a new friend happens in an instance, like you’ve been friends all along. This happened with almost every person I met in NY, and it made me hope that all of you feel the same way about me. 
It also made me want to make this blog something more, and be a bigger part of the blog world and the endless opportunities it can provide you if you give and take it all. So for those of you just starting out, feeling like you’re in a rut, or still trying to map your way through the blog world – take advice from the quote above. “Be the type of person that you want to meet.” Trust me, it works.