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Designer Spotlight: Amanda Uprichard

The dress I wore this past weekend was from a new-to-me designer, Amanda Uprichard. I found the dress at one of my favorite local boutiques, Handle with Care, and was blown away by its nearly perfect fit. The saleswomen had told me before I tried it on that the dress fit absolutely everyone, and although the color and shape wasn’t something I would nearly gravitate towards, I loved it right away. Obviously, I immediately scoured the internets to see what else Amanda Uprichard designs…
These are a few of my favorites from her current collection, seriously perfect for sunny summer days, weddings, and soiree’s. Also, I have to say that the quality of silk that she uses is insane, along with the fact that the colors are stunning and have a pretty sheen effect to them. Oh, and her prices are very reasonable, I am pretty sure all of these pieces are under or around $200. So if you are on the hunt for a few new staples for your closet, Amanda Uprichard is your gal.
Shop her entire collection here
*This post was not sponsored, I just really like her stuff!