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Time to Get Nautical

Every Memorial Day, I venture up north to my family’s farm to frolic on the beach, barbecue, soak in some sunshine, and relax with family + friends. This year is no exception and with the temperatures warming up {it was 93 in Chicago yesterday!}, I can’t help but dream about all things nautical to pack for my weekend five days up north {I am extending my trip a bit :)}. 
I plan on packing easy outfits because weather permitting I will be in my bikini all day, some beach essentials, and a few things for easy entertaining. Ideally, this would be my suitcase.

Oh, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sweet comments and emails I received regarding yesterday’s post. If this movement and my confessions help just one of you {but it sounds like a lot of you could relate!}, I can’t explain how happy that makes me feel. I am so lucky to have such generous, sincere, thoughtful, and caring readers. xo