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A Note for My Readers

Without a doubt, the number one email I get from my readers asks me how I do it? How do I write a daily blog, run a business, balance work + personal life, and find success in it all? Obviously, different things work for different people but I want to tell you what works for me…
When it comes to my blog I strive to create consistent content, stay true to myself, build relationships with my readers, post as often as possible, get involved in the blogging community, comment on my favorite blogs, discover new blogs, ignite conversation, inspire others, market + brand myself, and build a platform to showcase my work, define my style, and express my creativity. 
When it comes to my work I strive to stay organized, respond to emails in a timely matter {my down fall! note to self: don’t read emails on your phone + then forget about them!}, prioritize, keep a to-do list, track my goals, learn + maintain a good accounting system, create relationships, talk to my peers, try not to compare myself to others {a struggle for everyone}, be professional, ask questions, have faith in myself, be confident, and work my butt off. Success is not for the lazy
When it comes to maintaing my sanity, I am so thankful to have a supportive family, the most sincere, charismatic, kind, thoughtful + considerate boyfriend, and seriously, the most amazing girlfriends in the world. I unplug by cooking something new for a date night with Dave, ordering in + watching Friends, reading a good book, getting outdoors, strolling through stores, venturing to the suburbs to spend time with my family, and doing yoga. 
When I am lacking inspiration, I head on over to my favorite fashion blogs {I adore Kendi, Emily, Julia, and Krystal}, Pinterest, chat with my virtual blog friends, and/or run to the bookstore and stock up on fashion magazines.
But, the truth is…
I am 25, I don’t think I am supposed to know what I am doing just yet and sometimes I don’t. I take it day by day and I work hard. I am ambitious and my dreams go far beyond offering styling services. I ask a lot of questions, I try to remain humble, I test myself, I count the little victories, and I just do me. That’s the best that I can do, and so far, it’s worked! Most of my days are incredibly rewarding but some days are really, really tough. Luckily the good days outweigh the bad, and I’ve seen myself grow more in the last year than I ever have before. 
Obviously, I have to thank you for my success because without the support, appreciation, and encouragement I have received from my readers I honestly don’t believe that I would be where I am today. So to every single one of you, you are the reason this blog has been successful, you are the reason I got my first few clients, you are the reason each comment email I receive puts a huge smile on my face, and you are the reason I keep pushing myself to do more. I honestly feel like I know each and every one of you and I just adore you so. 
So, thanks for a great week! It was all for you 🙂

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