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Styling: Mixing Color + Print

One of the very frequent emails that I receive from my readers asks for styling suggestions for mixing color and print into one outfit. I could tell you that this strategy is extremely thought out and particular but in all honestly, the less thought the better and the only rule of thumb is balance.  
If you’re wearing a dress that is overwhelmed by print, break it up with a patterned belt in the complete opposite color + scale. If you’re going for a more saturated look {like a floral suit} then pair this with crisp basics, colorful accessories, and allow the suit to be the star. The thing in common between these images is balance + my trick for obtaining this look is allowing your eye to scan from the top to the bottom of your outfit. If your eye stops on a particular area, then you’re probably too imbalanced. Here are a few suggestions:
If you’d prefer to focus the outfit on bold color, then choose one piece of clothing in a subtle pattern {like this yellow Joie top!} to break up the solid hues. If you have one piece of clothing in a bold print {like these Sandro shorts}, pair with a white top to make the pattern pop plus a few colorful accessories and metallic shoes to add some depth! 
*Metallic accessories + shoes are an excellent balance to bold colors and prints!
When mixing prints, balance is incredibly important. One pattern can’t outweigh the other, they have to compliment each other. I personally don’t think I can pull off a full floral suit, that is why this polka dot – stripe combo is right up my alley. 
So go test the waters, don’t be afraid to take some risks, keep balanced, and be confident! Style should be easy, don’t over think it. 
PS: I am sharing some stylish sandals for warmer days ahead in my Closet Confidential column on La Dolce Vita today!