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Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Good morning! Today I thought I would share a few tips for maximizing your closet. For the most part, I try to keep my closet in line, but there are times when I haven’t noticed its slow path to destruction and all of a sudden I am left with serious disorganization and a hatred for everything that I own. I honestly believe that by keeping your closet up-to-date and organized you will have a new found appreciation for your wardrobe, so I will use my closet as an example:
So clearly there are a few issues here:

1. Order. Although this is a tedious task, keeping your closet in order can minimize your dressing time by leaps and bounds. I prefer to keep my closet divided by tank tops, short sleeve tops, long sleeve tops, collared shirts, sweaters and then pants, which you will notice in the top hanging row, followed by dresses and skirts on the bottom hanging row. On my shelves I have shorts, scarves, jersey coverups/dresses, bathing suits, and a few rows of shoes. After I divide each item by type, I then like to organize by texture and color {clearly this is not necessary for everyone, but if you are anal like me then I highly suggest this order}. It is so much easier to piece together an outfit when you are able to move smoothly through your closet!

2. Clutter. This is an issue we all deal with. There are pieces that are easy to forget and there are pieces that we save for years in hopes of wearing for a very specific occasion that never comes to be. We all accumulate stuff, mindless and meaningless stuff that just seems to take up space. Let’s get rid of the clutter! Not only does it weigh down your closet but every time you open those doors to get dressed this daunting mess is going to weigh you down, too. So, throw pieces aside that can easily be loved by someone else and take them to a Goodwill drop off. You will feel good about de-cluttering your closet and helping someone in need with your neglected piece.

{note: not all of this was given away, a few pieces were saved for next winter 🙂 }
3. Space. Space is not always available when it comes to closets {especially for us renters} so after you are done de-cluttering, it is time to maximize your space. I like to do this by using the same hangers throughout my closet {I like these because they don’t allow garments to slip}and distinguishing what can be folded and what has to be hung. I know not every closet has shelf space available, which is why I also have a dresser that stores my jeans, workout clothes, jersey tee’s, and intimates, but if you are someone who hangs everything then I would suggest you start folding down your sweaters + tee’s {they are the easiest and less likely to wrinkle}. This will open up so much space.
4. Flow. Your closet should be a place that you truly enjoy! Obviously, it is not always going to look like this, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t get excited when we open the doors. Create a space that allows you to feel good about yourself, and that makes it easy for you to create your own personal style on a daily basis. It is important for you to see the connection between every piece of clothing you own {hello, that is why we have our own individual style!} so make sure you have a flow. This is why order is so important, it helps the flow come naturally!
Ok, so order, clutter, space, and flow. Let’s remember these, ok? Because after you tackle your closet, you will be left with a pretty space that you can be proud of that showcases your fabulous wardrobe!
Alright, people! Go conquer those closets, you’ll feel 10 pounds lighter after you do!