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Let’s Play Catch Up

I feel like I have been so busy with holiday gift guides, giveaways, guest posts, and work, I haven’t kept you guys in the loop with my life lately {not that it is super exciting!}. Here are a few photos from life according to instagram…

A sparkly wreath, a holiday candle, a Christmas tree {with fun ornaments}, morning coffee, and Gus.

A few new books, a clean closet, a bubble necklace, sequins, J.Crew holiday catalog, and a new iphone cover.

A bright pink top, leopard + sparkles, a big gold bow, the first snow {to stick!}, gold laces, fair isle and Hunter wellies.

The temperatures this week are in the 40’s and it just doesn’t quite feel like the holidays yet! I think I need a good snow that piles up against my windows. My family celebrates Christmas in Charleston, SC so if Mother Nature could gift me some puffy white snowflakes before I leave I would be very happy {it will most likely not be a White Christmas in Charleston}. What have you been up to? Are you ready for the holidays?