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On this special day, I am thankful for my loved ones, my new business + the ability to do what I love, my little apartment in the city, my amazing support system, clean sheets, running {+ hot} water, the ability to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner, the men + women that serve our country, life’s simple pleasures, this creative community that I am a part of + all of the talented friends I have made along the way, my readers who keep this blog alive and running, and this lovely life that I get to live every day. Life is an amazing gift, full of freedom that allows us to create our own paths in the world. I feel so blessed today for all that this life has given me, for all of the footprints I’ve made thus far, and for all of the footprints I have yet to make.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families, I hope it is full of lots of gathering and grateful hearts.

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