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Dress like a European

One thing I have been totally fascinated with since leaving America has been European fashion. It is so simplistically chic that I can’t stop staring at the stylish men and women that pass me on the street {not to mention their stylish brood}. The look is not hard to obtain, and given the right basics we could all master this easy and edgy sense of style…

1  Topshop Wet Look Skinny Jeans  2  Prabal Gurung Ruffled Silk Georgette Blouse  3  Zara Ankle Booties – I just purchased these!  4  ASOS Dagger Earrings  5  Asos Petite Briefcase Bag  6  Mango Tiger Scarf  7  The perfect coat, J.Crew Houndstooth Toggle Coat

A few investments and the looks is yours! {I love the idea of mixing leopard and houndstooth} Easy as pie.