Style over 13 years ago by Liz Adams

A Styled Bookshelf

As soon as I have a place of my own with room to decorate, I am investing in a bookshelf. They are such a strong focal point and create a styled statement in any room. This means I would also need to invest in more books and some accessories to zhush my bookshelf. 
Bookshelves are the perfect way to add color and depth to a room, and are an easy way to express your personal sense of style. They look polished when disorganized and are the perfect answer to a bare wall. I love the look of color coordinated books, flashes of gold, random order, bold accessories, black lacquer, photography, art and patterned details filling the shelves. They always seem to act as a collection of your most coveted pieces.
How do you feel about bookshelves? Would you decorate with anything other than books?
{bookshelf images via Lonny and Pinterest}