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Summer Amazon Order

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no. 1 Shell Notebook, no. 2 Plastic Wine Glasses, no. 3 Two Tone Native Shoes, no 4. Ombre Native Shoes, no. 5 Stripe Swimsuit, no. 6 Tortoise Headband, no 7. Shell Cosmetic Bag, no. 8 Tortoise Sunglasses, no. 9 Shell Dish, no. 10 Slim Icepacks, no. 11 Plaid Cooler Bag, no 12. Instax Camera, no. 13 Water Pad, no. 14 Appetizer Container with Lid and Handle, no. 15 Blowup Pool and Sprinkler

With lots of summer travel ahead for us, I wanted to share a summer Amazon order filled with items that I’ve ordered for our trip or items that we love to have at home for sunny days! I’ve stocked up for the boys, entertaining with my parents, days spent in the yard, fun decor that I’ve added to our home and easy pieces that make being “on-the-go” a little easier.

I shipped 4 packs of these slim ice packs to my parent’s house to have on hand for our road trips (from Chicago to Wisconsin to Michigan and back!). They make packing a cooler so easy without the bulk. My mom visited with this plaid cooler that is the perfect, soft size and I immediately ordered one for myself.

I added this pretty shell dish to our console and it is so pretty/looks $$$!

We love this $20 boys swimsuit from Amazon! It comes in so many prints and is short/above the knees (which I prefer for little boys)! I especially love this stripe print.

Plastic wine glasses for summer are a must!

My boys live in Native shoes for summer so wanted to share some new colors I’m loving!

…lots of fun finds!