Ask Liz 13 hours ago by Liz Adams

Coffee with Liz • May 24, 2024

How long did it take and HOW did you start feeling like yourself after having George?

I think it takes about 3 months to find a groove as a family dynamic when you have a newborn, and 6-12 months to feel like yourself again (or a new version of yourself). By the time I had George I had enough knowledge to give myself more grace. I would say if you can give yourself 9 months to recover your body and mind will thank you. In terms of how, I would say getting outside, doing things that give you a little freedom/breaks from the early days of motherhood.

Does motherhood always feel like chaos? Seasons change so quickly, how do you settle in? Or do I just buckle up!?

Haha I definitely think you find your groove in moments but honestly I say just buckle up. The more you dwell the harder it becomes. The biggest blessing in my personal experience is lowering my expectations.

How do you like to wind down at night when the kids are in bed? Working on it for myself!

Short answer is I really don’t…I usually clean up our first floor and then crawl in bed myself. There are nights when I stay downstairs and watch a show or scroll my phone for a bit but I usually prioritize getting a good night sleep.

Tattoo details – I love your shell on your one arm!

I have 4 tattoos. A cross on my wrist that I got when I was a senior in college, my kids initials (CJG) on my left ribs, a 5 on my inner elbow to signifies the family I’m from and the family I’ve built and the seashell. I’ve always loved a shell, it feels peaceful and beautiful and playful.

Best lightweight, cozy, worn in feel sweatshirt? Like the NY in your last post!

All of the DayDreamer sweatshirts are so cozy! 25% off for MDW with code MEMORIAL25. I also love this brunch sweatshirt.

How do you do it all with 4 boys? I have 2 girls and I struggle! Share tips please! (Ps. I know you have 3 boys and 1 husband but you know what I mean, right?)

Honestly I don’t know! I just embrace it. It’s better for my mental health if I let the shit go. I also work hard to let my kids be kids and not pin point every little mistake. Lowering expectations works! I think there are such high expectations put on kids now – they are expected to show up, be the most polite, happy, quiet, etc. and the reality is we all have days and moments where that’s not the case. Also I’m very aware that the way I want things to look/function on a daily basis is just not my reality right now so I accept that if I want things a certain way, I’ll do it myself.

What do you do when you start to lose some confidence?

Get off social media!

Best jeans under $200

The Pistola Lexi Jeans are my favorite! They are an ankle length and so cute.

How is your anxiety not sky high with illness running through the kids? Mine is!

I mean I feel like I can drive myself or I can just accept that my kids might get sick. They are exposed to new things every single day regardless of whether or not their siblings are sick or not. I get stressed when my kids are sick because I worry it’s something worse but I don’t necessarily worry about it spreading? I just try to control what is happening in the moment without expanding on it too much in my head.

Turning 40 and thinking about buying my first designer bag! Recs? Budget around $500!

I really love the Mansur Gavriel Mini Candy Bag. It’s so cute and such a classic shape!

Advice for mid twenties girls a few years out of college!

Don’t think you need to have it all figured out right now. Savor these years of few responsibilities!!! Living in Chicago with my best friends (and then Dave) for 8 years post college was some of the best years of my life.

Nutrition for your children! How do you approach it? Any care philosophies?

BALANCE. I have two children who will eat anything and one very very picky eater. Sometimes it is all about getting calories in and sometimes I have the ability to make sure all meals are relativity healthy. We don’t have restrictions in our nutrition but definitely keep balance when it comes to sugar. But my kids get a Sprite when we go out to dinner sometimes, we have dessert a couple nights a week and we get chick-fil-a and mcdonald’s sometimes! But they also eat a lot of fruit, smoothies, vegetables and protein.

How do you keep memories? Do you write letters, journals, keep up with photo albums, etc?

I honestly feel like this blog is the greatest diary of my life. But I would love to find time to put together some photo albums!

I need casual backyard dresses that don’t break the bank! Chase kids, wear with TKEES, etc

I can’t speak to the fit but I have this gingham one from Amazon and this ric rac style in my cart! How cute is this floral athletic dress?

Favorite boy clothing brands? Basics, swim, etc! My little one is 5 m/o and your boys are always too cute!

Cadets, Tiny Cottons, Oso & Me, Minnow, Primary are some favorites and then quick buys at H&M, Target and Zara!

The necklaces you’ve been wearing! I need them!

The delicate necklace I’ve been wearing with diamonds and sapphires is something my mom had made after my grandmother passed away. She repurposed a bunch of my grandmother’s jewelry and made pieces for the girls in the family. It is so special! Other recent necklaces include my Hart pearl necklace, Dana Rebecca charm necklace and my Mignonne Gavigan Jamila Charm Necklace.

Favorite brands for fun and colorful tops? If they’re under $150 even better!

I think Hyacinth House has really fun pieces under $150! Emerson Fry’s India Collection, too!

Did you get morning sickness? In the thick of it!

I’m so sorry! I had some morning sickness that lasted sort of subtly all day. I was never vomiting. As long as I ate carbs consistently every 2 hours I felt okay.

Summer wardrobe staples! 10 items?

A white dress, relaxed denim (code: LIZ15), lightweight cotton sweater, a feminine white blouse, strappy sandals, raffia tote, tortoise sunglasses, classic swimsuit, pareo, printed dress (code: LIZ15).