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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

the best mother's day gift ideas

shop this post: no 1. Naghedi Mini Daisy Bag, no 2. Estelle Ripple Glasses, no 3. Wicker Frame Set, no 4. Corkcicle x Rifle Paper Co Mug, no 5. Jennifer Behr Shell Earrings, no 6. Hart Pearl Necklace with Mama Charm, no 7. Simple Beautiful Food Cookbook, no 8. Lake Scallop Robe, no 9. Coton Colors Ruffle Casserole Dish, no 10. Scallop Terracota Pots, no 11. Embroidered Pillow, no 12. Dana Rebecca Diamond Huggies, no 13. Blockprint Cosmetic Bag, no 14. Hotel Lobby Signature Candle, no 15. Minnow Breton Stripe Sweater

A Mother’s Day gift guide filled with little gifts to bring a little joy to every mom! I pulled some gifts that I would personally love to receive, little things with big meaning or just items that I don’t necessarily think to buy for myself. Aside from these gifts some other favorite ideas include a night alone in a hotel (Dave did this for me last year and it was sort of magical), a facial (I see Bethany at Spa Azure and LOVE HER if you’re local to Charleston) or massage (I think The Dewberry has the best), or tell your husband to team up with your friend’s husbands and do a girl’s brunch with your pals. Moms need to celebrate each other!

A few favorite from this Mother’s Day Gift Guide…

I just gifted myself this little Daisy Naghedi and I love it SO MUCH. More in stock here.

How beautiful are these Estelle Color Glass ripple glasses?

You can’t go wrong with this beautiful pearl Mama necklace.

I love this idea of gifting this cookbook with my favorite casserole dish.

My personal favorite stripe sweater that is truly the perfect year round layer.

How fun are all of these needlepoint pillows? So many funny ones.

If you’re looking for something super special, these Dana Rebecca huggies are absolutely beautiful and would be a perfect addition to any fine jewelry collection.

Also! Don’t forget about Haverhill! I shared some of my favorites in this post.

I truly adore and personally recommend every item on this list!