Health & Fitness 8 months ago by Liz Adams

Tips for Staying Active During the Holidays

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I don’t know about you but I’m already seeing myself neglecting exercise when things get busy. Especially this time of year, when the calendar fills up and work demands more of my attention. I have a harder time dedicating time to my favorite workout classes with lots of pending deadlines and shifts in schedule. Plus, I’m tired! Daylight savings has done a doozy on our house and those early mornings are coming even earlier than ever before. Needless to say, I’m trying to give myself some grace and thought I’d share some tips for staying active during the holidays. I also just got some new styles in from lululemon that have me inspired to get consistent in my workouts again.

My biggest tip, and I think this is a hard one but I’ve found easier as I’m admitting to myself that I am in fact getting older, is lowering expectations. I don’t need to workout like I once did. Moving your body is advantageous any way you throw it down. I don’t expect myself to workout “hard” 5 days a week anymore. If I get two super sweaty workouts in, I’m happy. If I go for a long walk, stretch, do a low impact weight circuit those other days, well great! And if a week goes by and I don’t exercise at all, that’s okay too. Lowering expectations for myself has put so much less pressure on performance. It’s easier to get stuff done when I’m not expecting too much of myself in the first place.

Wake up earlier. It seems like I “run out of time” most days and it really is amazing how much better I feel when I wake up earlier. I’ll see what classes are at my favorite yoga studio or take Bear for a 30 minute walk before the rest of the house wakes up. I like to to claim this time as my “me” time, not a time to get ahead on work (because no one is working yet). Don’t allocate that time to a checklist, allocate it to physical activity. Even when we travel, I love to wakeup before everyone else and do a 20 minute stretch video on YouTube. Any little thing that feels like an investment in myself, first thing in the morning, is a good start to the day.

Clean out your exercise drawer and refresh with some pieces that make you feel GOOD. When you feel good, you look good. Again, even when we travel, I pack cute workout clothes so that I look at them in my suitcase and USE THEM. If you see some cute new items in your drawer, you are more likely to grab them and get moving. If I can recommend the lululemon Align leggings or the lululemon Wunder Train high rise legging. Two of my favorites! I also love this lululemon Wunder Train Strappy Tank and the lululemon Align high neck tank. Don’t forget extra layers like this Love long sleeve shirt (I just ordered this one!) or this cozy Brushed Softstreme Pullover. The perfect pieces for a workout in or out of the house.

Hopefully these tips inspire you to push through the workout ruts this time of year. And know that i’ll be trying to find time, too. But all in all, it is also the season to slow down, be present and just do what feels good. The most important reminder. xoxo

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