Living 10 months ago by Liz Adams

Download My 4 Week, Daily Planner

A month ago I talked on my Instagram stories about the fact that I couldn’t find a planner that I loved. To be honest, I don’t love a planner. For some reason they always make me feel little bad about myself for not staying consistent and/or guilty that I can’t fill my day with enough shit to be done – which is stupid. So although this is technically a planner, we are taking away the pressure to fill in every day and instead just encourage you to do what you can.

Each “week” starts with a weekly planner because I do appreciate a week at a glance but the real focus is on the day to day. For me, it is important to clear my mind before I outline my day. I started each day with a little check in and then divided the day with personal tasks and “work” tasks. For me, work tasks don’t necessarily need to be my job. Personal tasks can look like exercise, and appointments and work tasks look like things for the kids, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. Some days my work is my business, some days work is my job as a mom. So you can make it whatever you need to make it! I also made space for items that can be pushed to tomorrow or need more action steps because I am the queen of telling myself “don’t forget to do this!” and then completely forgetting that thought. With each day I also made a daily notes page for random brain dumps or reminders. I am the queen of having an idea pop into my head and needing space to write. OR, sometimes I like to set a timer for 5 minutes and just write. Start writing about something random in your head and see where your pen takes you, you’ll be SHOCKED at how much you release.

The PDF contains 4 weeks of a daily planner (so you could print 12 to complete a full year). I also included two of my favorite quotes at the front and back. Again, I didn’t want this to feel like a true planner. More just like a daily helper. I hope it inspires you to put a little more focus on yourself during the craziness of back to school days. I’m excited to hear your thoughts. Honestly, this sort of inspired me to create something for the entire year for you. We will see!

Download my daily planner here!