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Build Your Own Rice Bowl

BYO-RB! A favorite meal in our house. I love this meal because you can literally make it whatever you want. We switch it up with different variations like a Greek bowl, taco bowl, pizza bowl, buffalo chicken bowl, veggie bowl – the options are endless. What is great about this meal is that you can set up the base and toppings and let your kids go nuts! It is a family favorite in the Adams house.

Two things I always have on hand: boneless, skinless chicken breasts. On Sundays I will bake 6 or so (season with EVOO, salt + pepper) and have them for the week ahead. Great for salads, sandwiches, snacks, etc. I also always have cans of chickpeas on hand and one of my favorite ways to use them is to fry them up in the air fryer. Drain them from the can and put in a bowl, season with Trader Joe’s chili lime seasoning (or any other flavor you’re craving!) and put in your air fryer at 400F for 12ish minutes. I taste them as they cook to make sure they are just crispy enough without being dry. I snack on these and throw them on salads/bowls all week long.

Build Your Own Rice Bowls


rice of your choice, we like Jasmine rice or I use this Right Rice.
chopped grilled chicken
chopped brussel sprounts
sliced peppers
goat cheese
crispy chickpeas
hot sauce

Cook the rice according to the packaging. Top with all of your favorite things!!

a few other favorite combos (start with rice as base)…

Ground beef, jalapeños, white onion, cheddar cheese, salsa, avocado.

Pasta sauce, chicken sausage (or meatballs), green peppers, parmesan cheese.

Chicken, kalamata olives, feta cheese, red onion, pepperoncinis, greek dressing, crispy chickpeas.

Chicken, slivered carrots, cucumber, blue cheese crumbles, hot sauce, ranch dressing.

So many options!! Tag me on IG if you make any of these recipes! I love seeing these meals come to life in your home.