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5 Easy School Lunch Ideas

snack tray with salami, crackers, cucumbers and cheese

Back to school means time to get back into a school lunch routine! I always find it a little daunting to think about meals once school starts, especially since my kids have been snacking freely all summer long. I know their tummies are going to be hungry so I always want to make sure each meal is filled with enough protein to get them through the day. Especially at school! Here are 5 easy school lunch ideas to help inspire you as we all get back into the school groove.

sandwich of choice, chips of choice and fruit

pasta salad (my kids love these leftovers!) and veggies on the side

quesadillas, chips and salsa

bagel and cream cheese, veggie straws and fruit snacks

I find that sometimes I buy these lunchboxes that have too many spaces to fill when really my kids just need a few things. I love our bento boxes from Olive Lane that make it easy to have fun with your lunch while also giving your kids something substantial to eat! I love this size for a simple meal combo. I also love our Store & Go containers in – we have a 25oz size and 8oz size. I use these for EVERYTHING. If you’re a teacher or someone who eats your own lunch at work, I also love our Porter bowls which are great for salads on-the-go! Overall, don’t overthink it. I feel like kids are more simple/easier than we think they are. You don’t have to be the Pinterest mom, you’re the best mom because you’re YOU.

I made a little reel of all of these ideas here and you can shop Charlie’s lunchbox here!

Question: do you make your kids lunches the night before or in the morning? I do it in the morning!