Beauty over 2 years ago by Liz Adams

A Bright Start with Tula

There is a reason that I’ve continued to partner with Tula year after year. They are consistent, they are innovative, their products are affective and I always say if you’re looking for a well rounded skincare routine, Tula is a great starting point. Tula is consistently dreaming up new products for their already impressive collection and their newest launch is no exception. If there is one thing Tula does right it is their moisturizers and the new Bright Start Vitamin C Antioxidant Brightening Moisturizer is GOOD.

Bright Start Moisturizer is for those of you looking for an everyday moisturizer with brightening benefits! It is packed with Vitamin C to protect against free radical damage and external stressors that can cause fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C also helps brighten the look of your skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots. Bright Start also contains Ferulic Acid, an antioxidant that boosts the effects of other antioxidants (like Vitamin C) and helps to protect your overall skin by reducing lines, dark spots and wrinkles. It’s a winning combo!

It also smells amazingggg. Like a vibrant, juicy citrus but without being overwhelming.

We are all busy and whenever I find a product that can do double duty in my routine, I’m happy. I can never have enough moisturizers in my skincare drawer and Tula’s new Bright Start Moisturizer is one that is perfect for every day. Vitamin C is one of those products that I never skip in my routine, especially as I get older and can see the signs of aging sneak up on me (hello dark spots/sun spots).

For a limited time, Tula has released their Wake up + Glow Vitamin C Brightening Kit that contains their Brightening Treatment Drops + the new Bright Start Moisturizer. Both have amazing brightening benefits, but use different actives & ingredients to get you that glow. The serum is a potent treatment with 10% Triple Vitamin C Complex targeting dull, uneven skin tone & the look of dark spots. The moisturizer locks all the goodness in with every more Vitamin C for the ultimate GLOW. It’s a $102 value but retails for $82 – plus, use LIZADAMS for an additional 15% off making it under $70.

Use my code – LIZADAMS – for 15% off your Tula purchase!