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Maiden Home Warren Sectional Review

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I’ve been meaning to write this post since fall of last year so I’m finally giving a highly requested review of our Warren sectional from Maiden Home!

Shipping delays on everything are insane right now. When we moved last year, a couch was the first item on our to-order list. Since the couch is sort of an essential part of the home, our amazing designers (who have helped us on our entire home), recommended Maiden Home because they had shorter lead times. We knew we wanted a big couch because the room wouldn’t have additional seating (aside form our swivel chair in the space) so we decided on the Warren sectional in Performance Textured Linen in Pearl.

Overall I am so happy with the couch! The cushions have held up with rowdy kids and a lab who thinks the couch is his bed. It is the perfect combination of comfortable while still having some structure. The vibe for this room was light and airy but also elevated. We don’t have a ton going on in this room so I wanted the couch to feel sort of polished in a room that vibes simple/casual, if that makes sense? I really love the shape and the performance textured linen is generally easy to clean. I wouldn’t say it necessarily repels liquid or stains but I’m grateful the texture stays the same when you’re cleaning it. I wanted a light colored couch which I know is a huge risk at this season of life that we are in. I love the color next to our white walls (which are Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace) without feeling too stark. The couch brings warmth to the space and just feels cozy and welcoming.

Aesthetically, I think down the road I would like to do two sofas in a fun color with one long bench cushion but this is the perfect couch for our family right now. Beware, light color couches are well, light color couches. They are going to show wear and use. We aren’t super strict when it comes to snacks and pets on the couch but it’s nothing Folex can’t handle. I also have this upholstery steam vacuum which I try to use every 3 months or so and usually like to get my furniture professionally cleaned every 6 months.

*I’ll be doing a full room before/after with all details soon! Waiting on some art and then you can expect a full blog post!*

If you have any specific questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll answer!