Holidays over 2 years ago by Liz Adams

Liz’s Favorite Things

shop this look: Summersalt Dress (wearing a small), Loeffler Randall Boots, Haverhill Adelaide Mini Necklace + 3 Birthstone Necklace (use code LIZADAMS15 for 15% off your order!)

I thought a good way to share some of my most recommended gifts this year would be to highlight some of my favorite things. In completely random order, with no rhyme or reason, just items that I personally own and love and use daily. This was a hard experiment! To think about your stuff and what gets the most love in your life. These gifts are definitely more practical and useful but also pretty and fun. I think that’s the perfect equation for the stuff we need in our lives.

Let’s start with this dress! It’s such a pretty one with all of my favorite details of a dress – midi length, puff shoulder, 3/4 sleeve, tiered ruffled skirt. It’s that silhouette that is universally flattering! I would typically say dresses in general but I want to highlight this one because it’s a great price. *size note, I am wearing a small which is perfect. You can tie it in the back to adjust the waist to be fitted or billowy!

First up, my toothbrush. I got a my first electrical toothbrush about a month ago after my dentist had been telling me for years to make the switch. I wasn’t expecting a huge difference but WOW. It’s like a luxury car wash for your teeth every single day. It’s $50 off right now!

This rainbow tee is one of those simple pieces in my closet that brings me joy. Whenever I wear it, there is a pep in my step and I feel happy and confident. A stripe tee is definitely a wardrobe essential and this one feels extra special.

Snooz sound machine. Trust me this is unlike any other sound machine. It is soft and muted and muffled and consistent and amazing. There isn’t much to say about it except Dave and I can’t sleep without it!

My Lake Pajamas Terry robe. Let me start by saying that I’m not a robe person. Like I don’t need a robe. I always liked the idea of them but never reached for the ones that I own because it always felt like an extra step. This one is so comfortable, cute, I love the towel terry but love that it’s not overwhelming. For the non-robe gal, I reach for this every morning while i’m getting ready.

My Loeffler Randall Knits for Good sweater. Whenever I wear this sweater (I have the oatmeal color) I get soooooo many questions about it. For good reason! It’s so beautiful with the prettiest shoulder detail. It now comes in eight beautiful colors (I ordered the green for the holidays + beyond) + 10% of your purchase goes to the ACLU.

The Naghedi St. Barths Medium Tote has quickly become my most reached for bag. It’s the perfect size to hold everything you need but nothing more. It is made from neoprene so it is stretchy but you could never tell from far away. The quality is beautiful!

Another favorite that I think is a great addition to any woman’s jewelry collection is this gorgeous Adelaide Mini Necklace from Haverhill. A simple paperclip chain that sits just at your neckline and is so feminine. Use code LIZADAMS15 for 15% off!

…and a few other random favorites for good measure:

Our coffee maker.

The best bath towels and these makeup towels!

My Hydroflask water bottle.

What random items in your home would make a great gift? Leave them in the comments!