Gift Guides over 2 years ago by Liz Adams

2021 Gift Guides: Gifts for Kids

Shop this gift guide: No. 1 Mini Deluxe ECO Scooter // No. 2 Two-Tone Sunglasses // No. 3 Midwest Mini Crew Sweatshirt // No. 4 Lunch Notes // No. 5 Coloring Shelf // No. 6 Kids’ Digital Camera // No. 7 Dinosaur Craft Kit // No. 8 Watercolor Set // No. 9 Mini Kitchen Tools // No. 10 Knit Strawberry Rattle // No. 11 Knit Carrot Rattle // No. 12 Erasable Markers // No. 13 Rey to Z Corduroy Hat // No. 14 Mini Kitchenette // No. 15 The Snowy Day Book // No. 16 Pom Beanie

Yay! Fun gifts for your favorite kiddos this holiday season. I sort of come from the place that our kids don’t really need anything so these are fun items that are little enough but pack a punch/spark joy. Here is what we are loving:

Charlie + Jack LIVE for their Micro scooters. Dave even has one too, because someone needs to keep up with our kids! This Mini Micro is made from recycled fishing nets and plastics in our ocean. How amazing is that??

Forever a Midwest girl so obviously need this sweatshirt for my boys.

How amazing is this coloring shelf? The perfect gift paired with these markers!

Jack is obsessed with taking pictures on my phone so we already got him this amazing kids digital camera for Christmas!

New handmade rattles just launched on Olive Lane!! How beautiful are these? The perfect gift for moms to be or moms with new babes.

Our favorite personalized hat brand has the cutest corduroy styles!

If you haven’t read The Snowy Day (or watched it on Amazon Prime!) it is SO SPECIAL and beautiful. A must for every child’s bookshelf.

I love this Kitchenette because it plays like a toy kitchen but can be stored away for small spaces! A mom’s dream.

Look at these lunch notes!! I can’t decide if this is a gift for moms or a gift for kids.

I ordered this Dinosaur craft kit for Charlie and Jack!

These mini kitchen tools are MY FAVORITE and have been a bestseller for Olive Lane. My boys are so proud to call these spatulas there’s and get so excited to help in the kitchen.