Liz over 2 years ago by Liz Adams

First Day of Fall Feels

Sea Dress (found in all sizes! plus similar styles here and here), Loeffler Randall Boots

First day of fall! It always sort of feels like a holiday that needs to be marked here on HAF. Bringing us cooler temps, cozy recipes, more time spent at home with family, layers, changing leaves and the holiday season on the horizon. It feels like a fresh start. I swear that shift to keeping your windows open during the day, throwing on a sweatshirt when it gets cool at night and breathing in that fresh, crisp air – it does something for your wellbeing. **We are going to ignore the fact that it is still 80 degrees in Charleston, but our winter is going to be one big fall and I am here for it. Humor me for now, k? 😉

With fall comes a change of my wardrobe. Goodbye to tropical prints, bright colors, breezy fabrics and hello texture, denim, tailored silhouettes and layers. I’m gravitating towards more muted tones, worn in jeans that look like you’ve had them for years, that sweater that just goes with everything. ALL THE THINGS. I feel like fall is when you build your wardrobe with classic essentials. At least thats what I see when I look at my own closet.