Wellness over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

Answering Your Questions About Equilibria CBD

We are all coming off a whirlwind of a year. Between navigating new normals, setting into social situations again and honestly kind of feeling insecure about how we move forward. It’s been heavy and I think through it all we’ve had to sort of navigate these waters alone. It’s been a lot to bear – trying to make everything feel as normal as possible while also settling into a new way of life. I for one try to grasp onto anything I can control when life feels out of control and it can take a toll on my mental and physical health. I hit my breaking point last April (after our wellness month!) and knew it was time to dedicate some time to getting back to myself.

CBD is health, not hype.

There are so many ways we can support ourselves – through exercise, therapy, sunlight, rest, whole foods, vitamins, better sleep, etc. And if 2020 taught me anything it’s that we all deserve a little MORE self love! Equilibria CBD has been one of those forms of self love that I’ve chosen to invest in over the past few years.

I think in this day and age it’s really easy to feel like everyone’s recommendation is a fad. CBD is everywhere and coming from someone who doesn’t tend to “jump on the bandwagon” I’m here to tell you that it can be life-changing if you let it! You submitted some questions about CBD on my IG stories and I wanted to share the most frequently asked to help you navigate what may be unchartered territory for you!

Can you describe the feeling you get from using CBD? Is it a sense of calm or more energizing like caffeine?

A sense of calm! It’s definitely not a buzz like feeling. It takes about a week to feel the benefits, and I would say it is maybe even something you wouldn’t notice unless you really settled in and started noticing the patterns in your body. Just to say, it’s not like this heavy hitting feeling. It is a sense of evenness that just sort of puts a big hug around your emotions. There are also so many other benefits you could feel whether you are taking for inflammation and pain management, hormone balance, sleep – the benefits are pretty unbelievable.

What is your CBD routine when you are taking it? When do you take the drops, gel capsules, rapid melts, etc?

I typically take a gel at night because they are slow release and sort of work while you sleep, drawing out the benefits for a good night sleep. When I take I notice that I fall asleep more quickly, stay asleep and if I do happen to wake up it doesn’t take me two hours to fall asleep. It sort of settles your mind and anxiety. I like the drops for day/management – I wouldn’t say I always need the drops during the day but they are a great way to set the tone for the day. Dave takes his drops every morning with his coffee whether he feels a tinge of anxiety or not. The rapid melts were released while I’ve been nursing so I haven’t had the opportunity to try but they seem like a great supplement! Whether it is pain and discomfort, stressful situation, inflammation – just a great way to take off the edge! Again, you’ll never feel like it’s too much. I always recommend talking to one of their dosage experts once you make your purchase and they can set you up with a good plan!

Do you prefer the mint drops or the unflavored? I’m looking at the balance box!

The natural flavor of CBD is earthy, floral and a little bit like weed but very subtle. If that’s not your thing then I always say go for the mint! You’ll still get a background of these earthy flavors but the mint diminishes them a lot! I know so many people prefer the mint!

What happens if you get drug-tested at work? Will it show up?

The CEO of Equilibria, Coco Meers, gave a fabulous answer to this question in our Q&A with her during last year’s Wellness Month. General rule of thumb: CBD is about health, THC is about high.  

CBD is a natural ingredient found within cannabis flowers that has been shown to improve mental and physical well-being when taken properly and consistently. CBD is a powerful health agent, but there is NO discernible impairment (no high!). “Weed” or Marijuana is cannabis sativa that’s grown to express over 0.3% THC, and industrial hemp is a cannabis sativa plant grown to express 0.3% THC content or less — this is why there’s no high, and also why it’s legal. 

While CBD is technically found in both marijuana and industrial hemp plants, federally legal CBD is all derived from industrial hemp.  All hemp plants that cross the 0.3% line in the sand become marijuana plants, federally illegal, and (after approximately the 10% THC mark) psychoactive/intoxicating.

The drug test question is a tough one… Every woman’s body chemistry is different, so we don’t know for sure how your body will metabolize our products. Think of it like consuming alcohol. If a beer is 5% ABV/Alcohol By Volume (like how our products contain 0.3% THC or less), the amount you consume determines your BAC/Blood Alcohol Level (or in this case, THC level in bloodstream). So the more you ingest at a time, the more likely it will be detected on a test. While it is uncommon for members to test positive given the very low THC content in our products, it is not impossible. Worried? Grab an over-the-counter THC test at your local pharmacy to find out for sure.

Can you take a gel in the morning and have wine in the afternoon?


Does it help with workout recovery? My knees have been aching lately!

Yes! Again, if you take consistently. This article breaks down exactly what CBD can do to help our Endocannabinoid System – our master system that keeps our bodies functioning at their best. This is honestly why I started taking CBD, it is so interesting!

When did you stop taking CBD while TTC? Or did you stop as soon as you found out you were pregnant?

I took up until the moment I took a positive pregnancy test! Stress is so hard on your body, I think the more you can help alleviate any stress, the better.

Do you experience any digestive issues on CBD? I recently started taking it and my stomach has been a mess!

No I’ve never experienced that! Are you taking Equilibria? Since taking EQ I’ve learned a lot of about the quality of certain CBD products. Equilibria is the best of the best.

Equilibria premium CBD is fully traceable from their 1,100-acre partner farm in Colorado to your doorstep. No fluff. No fillers. No middle-men. So you know you’re getting consistent and reliable quality batch after batch, month after month. No surprises. It is organically grown by their bioscience team with 30+ years experience in seed genetics, our specially-formulated hemp oil features 9 cannabinoids & 21 terpenes that work together to give you powerful therapeutic results.

All their full-spectrum CBD products are GMO, solvent, heavy-metals, pesticide and herbicide-free. Each plant is hand-harvested and the oil is carefully extracted from flowers only—the purest source of cannabinoids. They never use stalks, stems, seeds, or isolates.

Bonus Fact: Equilibria has one of the largest varieties of cannabinoids and terpenes (scented organic compounds) than any other “full-spectrum” industrial hemp strain on the market. This means you get the best possible results from their premium products!  

I get nervous in new situations (like everyone, right?). Will this help?

I can only speak from my own experiences but I would say yes! I think it helps those instances not effect you as much, if that makes sense? Like things that used to overwhelm me don’t when I’m consistent with CBD. Again, it’s like a cloud of calm that sort of settles over your emotions. Think of it like a weighted blanket for every situation. A big hug!

I’m overwhelmed and don’t know where to start! What would you recommend trying first?

Most frequently asked question! Here is what I would recommend based on your needs:

If you’re looking to try CBD, feel like you’d like some help with sleep, struggle with some stress and anxiety – then I would start with the Balance Box or the Calm Box (balance box + rapid melts). Sign up for a subscription because you’ll get a 20% off retail! The Sleep Box is also amazing and comes with their bath salts which are a DREAM. The scent alone is heaven but they seriously help you chill out.

If you struggle with pain then I would do the Relief Box! This includes their relief cream which is UNREAL. Perfect for sore muscles, if you struggle with bad period cramps, back pain and I use on my neck and shoulders.

I recommend the subscription because you’ll want to take these consistently. You get 20% off retail pricing with a subscription, you can cancel at anytime and it’s honestly like a little gift of self love to yourself every month.

Now is the perfect time to try because all signature boxes are 30% off as a one time purchase AND as a subscription (but only until tomorrow!!!). Plus – new customers can stack with my 15% off code – LIZADAMS – for a total savings of about 45%!