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Reclaiming My Style in 2021

Between pregnancy and a worldwide pandemic in 2020, let’s just say my personal style took a serious back seat to time at home last year. With very little on the calendar and no reason to change out of my maternity leggings, I found myself not putting much effort into the way I looked. Sure there were moments when I’d take the time to pull it together but I had a realization that is shifting my perspective for the year ahead.

A big part of my business is sharing my style with you. It’s why I originally stared my blog! It’s where I started my career post college and has always been a passion of mine. Over time, life got in the way, and my style shifted from corporate world to mom life. Over the past year I have realized how important maintaining my sense of personal style is for my mindset. Getting dressed shifts my perspective for the day, is something small that I do for myself and truly sets the tone for my day.

It’s been so long since I shared some of my recent favorite finds, so here are a few items I’m eyeing to give my wardrobe a little refresh!

Shop this post: No. 1 See By Chloé Cotton Mini Dress // No. 2 Tortoiseshell Sunglasses // No. 3 Rhinestone Padded Headband // No. 4 Red Tiered Top // No. 5 Leather High-Top Sneakers // No. 6 Doen Hardy Blouse // No. 7 Striped Crewneck // No. 8 Wicker Carryall Tote // No. 9 Rattan Flower Earrings // No. 10 Mixed Cable Cardigan // No. 11 Polka-Dot Midi Dress // No. 12 Isabel Marant Hat // No. 13 Margaux NY Mules // No. 14 Tiered Midi Skirt // No. 15 AGOLDE Riley High Rise Straight Crop Jeans

Something about pregnancy, which I feel guilty even addressing because I know how lucky I am to be able to carry my babies! I will never ever ever take that for granted and am forever grateful for my body for safely carrying my three precious boys. BUT, pregnancy can have a negative affect on your body image. I experienced this with Charlie, and it was something that I could talk myself out of with Jack and George, but it’s there. Between pregnancy and #2020, I missed getting dressed last year. I’m going to change that this year!

Shop more of my favorite new finds here:

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  1. I love you style Liz, and look forward to what outfits you put together. Love seeing family life, beauty, cooking, moving updates, and I’m sure home decor is to come. Good luck with the move and here’s to 2021!

  2. Having baby #2 in a week. This post speaks to me! Have already bought a few things that I look forward to wearing, pandemic or not. It will feel good to wear something outside nursing bras or tanks and maternity leggings come summer!

  3. I really love the thought behind this post! I had a similar sort of aha moment last summer and then sort of fell off when I started a new job in October, but I agree – my personal style really is an important part of maintaining a positive mindset. Hoping to be able to embrace that a little more again soon! And best of luck to you continuing to give it the space it deserves in your life and for your happiness!

  4. As someone who went to school in the south, and lived there for 5 years after graduating, I feel certain that just being in the south will up your style game! When I moved back to the Midwest (where I am originally from) my southern friends were appalled to find that I went to my children’s sporting events in yoga pants and parkas. As a friend from Chicago and I tried to explain that the realities of salt and slush precluded wearing nice clothes out in the winter, they expressed their horror that we were in public without being “dressed”😂. I just find the style game is much stronger in the south, which can be a pro and a con! I am sure you will find your way back to your former stylish self, and can’t wait to follow along!

  5. The parenting grind is hard and I work full-time from home so prioritizing getting dressed has been a no-go for far too long but I too am looing to change that in 21. My youngest too longer than I’d have liked to wean so my body was literally cow status but FINALLY I’m back to human status – which also helps the motivation to change it up <3

  6. OMG YESSSS to this post! I am due with baby #2 this month and have been living in my Align leggings and sweatshirts. I am so looking forward to finding my style again!

  7. Yes to all of this! Love your picks- especially the wicker tote. I’m due with my first baby in April, and after a year of fertility treatments and 7 months of pregnancy, my body just looks different. And I’ve totally lost all sense of style (and motivation to actually get dressed). Glad to see I’m not alone! Hoping to find my style (and motivation) this spring! Would love to see more of your picks!

  8. Love your blog.
    I was checking out the Moncler Flammette Jacket and your picture came up when I did a google search.
    What are your reviews on this pricey jacket?
    If you don’t mind me asking..What is your height and size you wear on a reg basis.