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Reclaiming My Style in 2021

Between pregnancy and a worldwide pandemic in 2020, let’s just say my personal style took a serious back seat to time at home last year. With very little on the calendar and no reason to change out of my maternity leggings, I found myself not putting much effort into the way I looked. Sure there were moments when I’d take the time to pull it together but I had a realization that is shifting my perspective for the year ahead.

A big part of my business is sharing my style with you. It’s why I originally stared my blog! It’s where I started my career post college and has always been a passion of mine. Over time, life got in the way, and my style shifted from corporate world to mom life. Over the past year I have realized how important maintaining my sense of personal style is for my mindset. Getting dressed shifts my perspective for the day, is something small that I do for myself and truly sets the tone for my day.

It’s been so long since I shared some of my recent favorite finds, so here are a few items I’m eyeing to give my wardrobe a little refresh!

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Something about pregnancy, which I feel guilty even addressing because I know how lucky I am to be able to carry my babies! I will never ever ever take that for granted and am forever grateful for my body for safely carrying my three precious boys. BUT, pregnancy can have a negative affect on your body image. I experienced this with Charlie, and it was something that I could talk myself out of with Jack and George, but it’s there. Between pregnancy and #2020, I missed getting dressed last year. I’m going to change that this year!

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