Our Home over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

In the Kitchen with Our Amazon Show

This post was sponsored by Amazon.

It’s no secret that I love our Amazon Devices. Our Amazon Echo Show has become my best buddy in the kitchen this year and for good reason! Since I recommended the Echo Show as a holiday gift idea this year, I wanted to show you my most favorite features and how I use our Amazon Echo Show on the daily.

Our Echo Show is the hub for our family. The boys use Alexa on their Echo Dot Kids Edition to ask questions, request songs, help me set timers for cooking and other various Alexa Skills; I use Alexa to check my calendar, find inspo for meals in our home, generate our family shopping lists and beyond. Since the kitchen is the center of our home it is only fitting that our Amazon Echo Show lives there, too!

As someone who loves to cook, I use the Food Network Kitchen for inspiration multiple times a week. I love that you can browse recipes, watch cooking videos from your favorite Food Network chefs, save recipes, add ingredients to your shopping lists, follow step by step instructions and more. It’s like having a buddy in the kitchen with you and helps inspire your own creativity in the kitchen! My Amazon Echo Show also helps me set multiple timers with a quick voice command and makes sure I’m always prepared with whatever is on the menu.

Shopping with Alexa also makes it easy and efficient to shop millions of products from Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh that will be delivered safely to your door. Whether you shop once a week or every day, it’s easy to add on to your grocery list, save recent purchases and even repeat lists. It’s like having a house manager at your fingertips which has been a huge lifesaver as a mom who likes to think she can do it all!

We love our Amazon Devices for keeping us entertained, keeping us organized, keeping us well fed, and keeping our family happy and safe. And for privacy, you can turn the camera and microphones on the Echo Show off with one press of a button.

We have gifted family and friends our favorite Amazon Devices for the holidays over the years and once you have one you’ll never go back! How do you use your Amazon Devices??

A big thank you to Amazon for sponsoring this post!