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Sponsorships Turned Brand Favorites

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Over the years I’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding sponsorships and “do you really love the product?” I think influencer marketing can have a negative connotation since this new advertising strategy is taking social media by storm.

I know that sponsored content and posting #ad can sometimes rub you the wrong way – I fear that reaction ever time I post something sponsored! But I also think influencer marketing is an amazing tool to learn about brands from a reliable, trusted source. It’s a way for a brand to know exactly who they are targeting – reaching people with similar values and standards for products. My greatest piece of advice is to find people who you trust. I would never try to sell you on a product that wasn’t something that fit seamlessly into my life or wasn’t already a part of our routine. Some specific brands that may feel more on the “sponsored” side that come from me are my partnership with Finish (we have used their pods for years!), Campbells Soup (I mean, family favorite, the star of our Skinny Chicken Pot Pie) or Affresh cleaners (this self labeled cleaning addict is obsessed). If a brand that we already use and love reaches out to us to partner, I will try to make a story around it. I’ve really tried to transition the brands I work with to be less fashion related and more lifestyle so I can share the in between products that we use on the daily. Fashion and beauty is so much fun and honestly where I feel most creative but these lifestyle products are far more relatable and connected to our daily lives. I’m constantly trying to strike a balance and I really appreciate your honest feedback and support whether my content is #sponsored or not. Especially as my life has changed over the years, my lifestyle and brand partners have changed, too.

From a content creator perspective, we sadly don’t have a ton of control over posting schedules when it comes to certain brands – usually windows are tight which means all that are involved are required to post in a short time frame. I always try to ask about the other influencers participating in the campaign but certain info isn’t always available to us. I think the biggest way for YOU to feel comfortable with sponsored content is to truly follow those that you trust. I think that is the biggest base line.

My criteria for accepting NEW partnerships is as follows:

  • does this product interest me? is this something I WANT to try and share? or is this product something we already use?
  • is this a product that my followers would be interested in trying AFTER I give a thorough review? Would it be helpful to compare to another brand I already work with? I always think it’s nice to have options since there are so many brands across multiple categories.
  • does the scope of work feel too branded? If the answer is yes but we still/already use the product in our real lives then I schedule a call to go over content creation and story direction to make it feel as authentic as possible.
  • do I get creative freedom to choose product/talk about the items that I want to talk about?

So let’s talk about sponsorships that I have genuinely LOVED! These brands could have been one time partners, current partners or past partners from years ago. Either way, I’m a fan! There are SO many brands to highlight here but I’m going to narrow it down to a few and mention some of my current and past valued brand partners at the end!

Harper Wilde: When the brand reached out to me about trying their bras I was so excited after hearing a few friends rave about their pieces. I have been a fan ever since, really the only bras I wear aside from my Natori Feathers bras. Trust me when I say their Base bra and Flex strapless bra fits like a glove.

Necessaire: Cult favorite at this point and really the only body products/body brand I use. I know I’ve talked about them a lot and that’s because I genuinely go through bottles on a monthly basis. Eucalyptus is my favorite scent and I use their lotion on the boys, too. Don’t forget their new hand cream!

Equilibria: Not to brag but I feel like I got on the EQ bandwagon early. It will be almost two years in February! Here is my first review from April 2019. I would never suggest that someone ingest something that I didn’t truly feel the benefits from and EQ CBD is magic. Only the highest quality and true game changer when it comes to stress, sleep, anxiety, pain management, inflammation, hormone regulation and so much more. You can use code LIZADAMS for 15% off your first purchase! You can read more about it here and a Q+A with their founder here.

Billie: Once you get a Billie razor you’ll never go back. Smoothest shave, pretty colors and just a fun item to have in your shower. Only $9! I love all of their products to be honest – shave cream, Billie wipes and Rhubbarb lip balm!

Boll & Branch: The best bedding! I’ve given gift cards to friends for new homes, sent to new parents and have this bedding stocked in our home. It’s so soft, washes so well and comes in the prettiest colors and textures.

Beautycounter: I was so excited to try Beautycounter products and still love a lot of them! The Counter+ All Bright C serum is one of my favorites and their Countertime radiance serum and supreme cream are LOVELY. I use their dew skin tinted moisturizer every day!

Tula: One of my most valued and supportive brand partners. Tula loves when their products are used with others, they love to see routines that are not just filled with their stuff and that is something I admire and value in our partnership. My favorite products include their cult classic cleanser (the best), 24/7 moisturizer, rose glow and get it eye balm, sunscreen, so smooth lactic acid mask and face filter primer!

Artis: This is a newer partnership for me but I am already converted! Obsessed with their makeup brushes! You can use code LIZADAMS30 for 30% off!

Dime Beauty: Another newer product for me but very impressed by their luxury grade products at a very affordable price. Always want to give you guys options! Use code LIZ20 for 20% off! I this their Works Collection is a great deal.

I notice that beauty brands get the most backlash when it comes to sponsored content because there are sooo many of them. So I understand where people find it controversial to post similar products from different brands. But I just want to remind you that it is part of our job to do the “testing” for you, to give you options, to help you make the best decision for you! I never want you to feel pressure to make a purchase from any of my content, I’m always just hoping to be a helpful resource for you when it comes time to make a decision.

As always, thank you for your support and any and all of the content I put out into the universe! Your support and feedback never goes unnoticed and I’m so grateful for you. For being here, for engaging, for trusting. You all make up a community that I feel so lucky to be a part of!

**A few of my most valued brand partners over the years: Whole Foods, Amazon, Winc, Home Chef, Nordstrom, Everlane, lululemon, Vineyard Vines, Evereve, abercrombie, Walmart, Banana Republic, LOFT, Sephora, LOFT, Backcountry, Truvia, J.Crew, Crate & Barrel, Ballard Designs and so many more! Thank you!

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  1. This is really interesting to read and I love your honesty and transparency! I think another thing that rubs me the wrong way is when SO MANY influencers are promoting the same brands (i.e. Tula, Necessaire, that new pan sweeping the internet). It makes me think, “wow, this is either really amazing or this company is putting a lot of money into influencer marketing, making it seem less authentic”. I love that you try to partner with brands you already use and love! I would be really interested to see a post about how you approach partnerships with products that you don’t like and how that process works. You said that you test a lot of products, so what happens if you don’t like it? Do you pay attention to your Instagram (stories and posts) ratio of sponsored content vs. not? If so, what ratio are you comfortable with as an influencer and what ratio are you comfortable with as a follower? Would love to see a longer series of posts about sponsored content because I know so many of us are interested in it!

  2. I understand you need to do sponsored content and posts but I wish you would disclose upfront in your blog posts that it is sponsored. I’ve read too many of your posts and then find out at the end that is sponsored, often by a brand or company that seems completely irrelevant to the topic or off brand. It feels very disingenuous and dishonest and makes me not trust you. I stopped following you on IG and stopped reading your blog for this reason. I saw this post in my Bloglovin feed and felt I had to comment.