Liz over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

Feeling Good

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You guys know I love a good quote and I read something the other day about remembering those moments where you feel really happy and the importance of holding on to that feeling.

I’ve been feeling good lately. Not for any reason in particular at all. I think it’s an equation of a lot of things – morning routines, state of mind, self care and quality time – those things seem to be my perfect storm of happy. The change of seasons definitely helps. A fresh mindset and a time of year that I love. I’ll admit it is so nice having the boys back in school/daycare and more time to dedicate to things that fill my cup (it is okay to admit that sometimes your kids drain your cup, ha). I’ve learned to appreciate this slower pace, lower expectations, less of a rush to get through life, more spontaneous plans and less planning. It’s been a huge release of control for me in the best way possible. 2020 you’re weird but I kind of like you.

How are you feeling? I know emotions ebb and flow and we all have bad days too but I think it’s important to acknowledge and appreciate the good. Getting dressed is one of those things that instantly changes my mood and outlook for the day. It sort of gives me a pep in my step or a purpose of getting shit done even if there is nothing to do. It’s a mindset shift, a sense of dedication to myself that is an instant energy boost. I’m all about the good energy vibes lately. Something fun for us – we booked a last minute house in Northern Michigan (Dave’s happy place!) this week for a few days. We are leaving on Thursday to visit with Dave’s dad and enjoy some fall lake vibes.

I’m going to share some new fall purchases this week that I’m really excited about! We only get this transitional weather for a short period of time here in Chicago before it gets really chilly. Have to take advantage while we can!

Here is to a great week of feeling good. xoxo!