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Building My Maternity Uniform

Shop the post: No. 1 Mango Maternity Dungaree // No. 2 ASOS Maternity Swing Tank // No. 3 HATCH Collection Longsleeve Layering Tee // No. 4 Madewell Maternity Jeans // No. 5 Shirred Tank Dress // No. 6 Rachel Pally Linen Dress // No. 7 Babe Sweatshirt // No. 8 HATCH Collection Maternity Flare Kick Crop Jeans // No. 9 Maternity Midi Smock Dress in Leopard Print

I’m at that stage in my pregnancy (20 weeks! half way!) where I think I can fit into my regular clothes but the struggle is real. You forget how much not only your belly grows but your body changes during this time and even more quickly after multiple pregnancies. I vividly remember finally investing in maternity items with both Charlie and Jack and breathing a huge size of relief. These items are really made to fit your changing body with comfort and ease and are a game changer when it comes to getting dressed! I finally bit the bullet on a few new items for this pregnancy and thought I’d share a few new favorites that I previewed on my IG stories a few days ago.

When it comes to maternity items, I like to think basic is best. I’m not going to get super fancy during pregnancy (especially given the current state of the world) and since these items get a lot of wear, I’ll invest in a few essentials to get me through the next 5 months. Where do I invest? Usually in denim. I’m not a fan of the full panel maternity jeans. I always find that the line of the denim falls too low and ends up getting too stretched out or needs to be pulled up or makes my crotch look long. I prefer maternity jeans with the side panels and feel that they fit more true to your actual jeans in the waist with way more comfort. I recommend trying a few styles to see what you like! I also never used the bellaband (which you can use on your pre-baby jeans to keep wearing during pregnancy) but have lots of friends who raved about it.

Note about sizing – order your normal size! I always assume I should order a size up and then regret it. Order your true size because these items are made to fit your body AND your growing bump!

How cute is this BABE sweatshirt? It’s the perfect length for a growing bump and to cover your booty over leggings!

I love this stripe tank – it will be cute layered under sweaters into fall! It also comes in this navy color (I would size down in this). Speaking of tanks, I order this three pack of tanks every pregnancy – only $19. Essentials!!

Overalls are one of my favorite styles to wear while pregnant! I just ordered both washes of this style (under $100).

I like to have a few fun dresses/trendier pieces to wear for nights out or when I’m feeling fancy. I ordered this leopard dress which will be cute with boots/booties! I also picked up this linen dress in black (seen here). I love Rachel Pally dresses, they have been a staple in all of my pregnancies and really accommodate the bump (not maternity).

Ingrid & Isabel dresses are a must. Layer with a cardigan and booties for fall, wear with sneakers and a sweatshirt – I love how many styles are available in this dress like here and here.

Denim…like I said before, you have to find your favorites and also my biggest tip is order your true size! I ordered these Current/Elliott jeans which are a splurge, these Madewell jeans (I’ll share when they come in) and these skinnies. I’ll report back on my favorites!

Layering tees will be your best friend – this and this are favorites from past pregnancies. They have gotten so much love that I had to reorder them!

Shop more of my favorites below:

Are you currently pregnant? Any brands you love? I really feel so much better when my maternity uniform isn’t leggings and a sweatshirt so trying to put some effort into my wardrobe this time around!

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  1. Liz, this is so helpful! I’m 2 months pregnant with my second child, but it’s been 6 years between pregnancies so I kind of forgot how to shop for maternity clothes. Your recommendations are wonderful and give me some good brands to look for. Would love to know how the Madewell jeans work out for you since they are my go to brand for denim. Thanks again and be well!

  2. I’m 15 weeks, due in February with my second! I didn’t invest in tons my first pregnancy (and luckily I’m pregnant in the same seasons again) so I don’t plan on getting a lot this time around but I love that Babe sweatshirt, what size did you get if you don’t mind?

    Living in the UK, Mango is great along with Jojo Maman Bebe and Seraphine. I’m American though and loved my Madewell maternity jeans, bought 1 pair to get me through the winter. I have to say, I lived in my Align leggings at the end of pregnancy and throughout the 4th trimester! Definitely getting another pair for this one.

  3. I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant with my second and have a few dresses/tops from last time that will work, along with a pair of Paige maternity jeans which I love, but I’ll be pregnant in colder weather this time around. I’m trying to keep the purchases under control but so far ordered a fresh pair of lululemon align leggins, the perfect v-neck top from hatch in black and white and I’m IN LOVE, a long sleeved henley dress from Gap, along with basic long sleeve tops, and a sweater from ASOS. I’m thinking I’ll likely wear with a lot of cardigans/open button downs and see where that gets me!

  4. I am at the end of my pregnancy and absolutely loved Hatch and Seraphine Maternity. I invested in some jumpsuits and dresses that can be worn beyond pregnancy and would work as nursing outfits and even after.

  5. Loved this update and some of your tried and true recommendations from previous pregnancies. I’m pregnant with my first and going into the office a few days a week, so I’ve purchased a few dresses from Seraphine and they’ve been incredible! They’re perfectly flattering and have a tailored, feminine look that I love! Highly recommend!

  6. I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my first. I purchased a few basics, but I’ve been doing 4-item “updates” on Rent the Runway since requiring maternity clothes. This allows me to afford to wear better quality clothes without the investment, and I can switch up my wardrobe based on the weather or events I have that month. I can also try out different styles (like jeans) and I’m also not stuck with maternity clothes that may not be in style or season for future pregnancies.

  7. Love this! Can you do an update on this with what you’ve worn / what else you’ve worn into the third trimester? I’m a first time mom at 16 weeks and not yet showing and ordering maternity clothes is SO daunting! 🙂