Beauty over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

My New Clean Makeup Routine

Over the past few months I’ve been very focused on converting my makeup routine to 100% clean. After a lot of learning, trial and error and testing products that didn’t live up to my old favorites I feel like I’ve finally landed on a routine that is perfect for my day to day.

I’m not a full coverage kind of girl when it comes to makeup. I like when you can see my freckles, when my wrinkles shine through and honestly I just don’t like the feeling of a lot of makeup on my face. What I love about all of these products is that they provide the coverage that I need but they don’t hide what I have. Then help enhance your natural beauty and that’s something that I appreciate as I get older. For those of you looking for a more full coverage, long lasting (I’m talking morning into night) then you may want something different but for me this works just fine! For plans at night, I may reapply some concealer to brighten my eyes up and blush but otherwise everything stays put.


Step 1: Tula Brighten Up Soothing Primer Gel (use code LIZADAMS for 15% off!). I love this stuff! It’s cooling, refreshing, fills your pores and preps your skin for makeup. I think this in combination with a setting powder is a secret to making your makeup last longer.

Step 2: Beautycounter Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer in No. 2. I love this tinted moisturizer so much. It’s moisturizing, provides coverage and blends so easily. I like to add a pump of Ilia Liquid Light Serum in Atomic to add the prettiest subtle highlight to the entire face before applying the rest of my makeup.

Step 3: Ilia True Skin Serum Concealer in Chicory. I’m really loving this concealer! It is moisturizing but in a consistent way (not like when you rub something around and it keeps getting thinner). It provides a ton of coverage and stays put!

Step 4: Bite Beauty Changemaker Powder in T2. The prettiest bronzer but in a pressed powder form so it goes on beautifully and doesn’t get stuck in one place (who else can relate, ha!). I didn’t know a bronzer could be this good, truly.

Step 5: Ilia Color Haze Pigment in Before Today. The prettiest rosy red that blends in well to the rest of the products and has just enough pigment to make your cheeks glow. I love this stuff! It can be used as a lip color, too.

Step 6: Ilia Illuminator in Stella by Starlight. For that little extra glow that doesn’t make you look like your face is shiny. It’s very matte and subtle and lovely.

Step 7: Beauty Pie One Powder Wonder Setting Powder. I was sent this as a tester and let it sit in my makeup drawer for months before trying and WHAT A MISTAKE. This stuff is GOLD. Like the description says, this is not just another translucent powder. It is a flaw blurring, shine evening, radiance boosting magic. I wear this alone and over my makeup and it is amazing what a difference it makes. Trust me!

Step 8: Beautycounter Brilliant Brow Gel in Medium. If you aren’t styling your brows then you are missing out! This is a GAMECHANGER for your face and is a determining factor in whether or not I look perky or tired most days. I love Beautycounter’s brow gel because it gives color but stays in place. It doesn’t crumble and doesn’t look gunky. It’s good!

Step 9: Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara. This stuff works and it took me 4-5 tries to find a good clean mascara! This lengthens, gives volume, doesn’t clump or smudge and the brush makes it really easy to apply and then separate your lashes! It’s by far the best.

Step 10: Lune + Aster Lip Gloss in Champion. The prettiest gloss packet with Vitamin C and E for your lips!

That’s it! I recorded a video that I’ll upload to IGTV to walk you through the steps and so you can see the before and after!!

Have you made the switch to clean beauty products (I’m still working on my skincare!)? If so, what are your can’t miss favorites?