Beauty over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

My New Favorite Lip Gloss that Will Make Your Lips Look Amazing

Give me a good mascara, concealer, blush/highlighter and lip gloss and I’m ready to take on the day. I’m not a big makeup person but I do rely on a few products to give me a quick, natural glow and accentuate my features. Lip gloss is one of those things that when I’m not wearing I feel it. I remember growing up my mom used to always tell me “you need something on your lips!” Chicago winters always leave my skin feeling chapped and my lips are the worst. I swear when my lips are dry my entire face looks ashy and gray. A little color goes a long way and can bring life into your face, drawing out your natural, rosy glow. I notice this even more as I get older and my natural lip color starts to fade. Gotta fake it until you make it, you know?

Too Faced’s Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper is one of those products you never knew you needed. It makes your lips look BOMB! It plumps, moisturizes (and keeps them moisturized!), provides a subtle pop of color and the prettiest gloss. It tingles and plumps your lips but not in an overpowering way. Here is a little before and after:

See! So natural! For a subtle everyday color I love Bubblegum Yum or Original Clear, Tangerine Dream is a pretty apricot color that goes on very light and Pink Punch is a brighter pink and Strawberry Kiss is a juicy red . But again, none of the colors are super pigmented, everything feels very natural and adds just a small tint to your natural lips. I have worn this on my IG stories that past couple weeks and have been getting so many questions about what I’m wearing and this is it! It goes with everything and makes your lips pop. The fullness is also long lasting but the tingling wears off so you are left with more volume and the prettiest pout. I feel like this lip gloss has brought my aging lips back to life!

Thank you to Too Faced for sponsoring this post!