Health & Fitness over 2 years ago by Liz Adams

My 2020 Workout Playlist

Let’s face it, good music makes ANY workout so much better. I’ve tried to switch over from music to listening to podcasts while running but it just doesn’t pump me up the same way a high-energy playlist does. There’s no better feeling than your favorite pump-up jam coming on as soon as you head into the last mile of a run. This is probably why my motivation to run starts to go down whenever I get into a rut with my music. I’ve been working out to the same playlist for the past year so it was time for a new one: my New Workout Plan playlist on Spotify!

This workout playlist is full of some of my current favorite tracks and songs that never fail to give me a boost of energy no matter how tired I might be or how tough the workout is. Don’t mind me just singing and dancing on the treadmill over here!

I hope this playlist helps motivate you in your next workout, too! Tag me on Instagram (@lizadams) if you end up listening to it and leave a comment if you have any favorite workout jams of your own…I’m always looking for new songs to add to my workout playlists!

Do you follow me on Spotify? My “Good Days” playlist is another fave!