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A Gift Any Kid Will Appreciate This Year

It’s funny how your kids tend to gravitate towards certain toys, and one of the most-loved products in our house has quickly become the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet. Both Charlie and Jack have one, and I feel like I’m constantly learning about all the things that their tablets can do. For example, we recently started using the Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet to read books before bed as a family. You can use the tablet to listen to audiobooks (we love Little Blue Truck!) and have all of your favorite stories read out loud to you as you turn the pages. It makes storytime that much more fun, and is a secret weapon for getting your kids excited about a bedtime reading routine! 

From a parent’s perspective, there are so many things to appreciate about the Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet. It comes with a year of FreeTime Unlimited so kids get access to games, books, videos, audiobooks, and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more. All of the games we’ve played are entertaining but with an educational twist, which turns screen time into a valuable way to keep our boys learning. You can also set limits on screen time or certain content, like games or apps, and all of the content can be tailored for kids’ individual interests. Charlie and Jack are fairly close in age but still drawn towards different things, and having a tablet for each of them helps keep them engaged with content that feels just right for their age range. 

I know that this is a busy travel season for lots of families, and believe me when I say that the Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet has been a LIFESAVER on all of our recent trips. We pre-load the boys’ tablets with their favorite books and movies before we leave for a car or plane trip, and the battery lasts long enough that we never have to charge it until we reach our destination. I always love hearing about how other families use their tablets, so I thought I would share some of our boys’ favorite features for both at home and on the go: 

Our Favorite Features for the Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

Netflix – We added Netflix to Charlie and Jack’s profiles to give them more access to the  Netflix library. You can also download your favorites to watch when you’re away from wifi 
FreeTime Unlimited – We got 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited with both boys’ Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablets, which gives them access to over 20,000 apps, games, books, videos, audiobooks, and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more
Peppa Pig Theme Park – Charlie is a huge Peppa Pig fan right now. It’s so cute!
Daniel Tiger Neighborhood from PBS Kids – Both Charlie and Jack love this one—all of the activities are super creative!
Parental Controls – One of my favorite features! With parental controls, you can limit screen time for your kids, set educational goals and curfews, and manage content for up to 4 child profiles.

The Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet would make an amazing gift for any kiddo on your list this year! If you already own one, what are some of your family’s favorite apps and features? I’d love to hear!

A big thank you to Amazon for collaborating on this post!