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Coffee with Liz • October 25, 2019

Would you please share your experiences with strollers and your favorites?  I know that you have shared your favorite jogging strollers before, but would be interested in the type of stroller you bought when you were expecting your first. Did you buy one that could convert to a double or did you just buy a high-quality single stroller, knowing you would like to have more children in the future? 

When we first had Charlie we had a Nuna Pipa car seat so we bought a base for it to easily snap in. We used this a ton when Charlie was too little to sit up straight! We also registered for the Baby Jogger City Mini GT which ended up being our most used once Charlie was 6 months old. So much so that our most used now is the City Mini GT Double stroller! Honestly I didnt really do my research when it came to baby strollers and wasn’t super happy with our “investment” stroller was really worth it. I feel like from what I see from bloggers and on social media is that you can’t go wrong with an Uppa Baby stroller. I knew I didn’t want a double stroller that was straight (not sure what the technical term is!) – I wanted a double wide because I had heard that the double straight is hard to steer which the Uppa Baby is. There is so much to think about – ha! But I know the Uppa Baby converts well with lots of different car seats! 

I’m looking for a warm and semi-stylish coat. We live in Michigan so it gets quite cold, and I also have two young kiddos so it needs to be easy to move in/works with being semi-active. I’ll be replacing a peacoat. Does a cute coat exist that also can handle the tundra of Michigan winters?

No joke the Thinsulate coats from J.Crew are SO. WARM. The classic lady coat would be a good option!

I saw you posted your age timeline or (engaged, married, baby) the other day and I’m almost exactly the same age as you in every life milestone. We are thinking of trying to have a baby next year and every time I bring it up to people they seem distraught at how young I am to want to have a child. I know they are likely joking but am also a little thrown off—did you feel like people treated you and Dave the same way wanting to have a baby so soon?

Yes and who cares! We wanted to be young parents and Dave and I had been together for 6 years before having kids – we had lived together for three, were married, had done all the things and we were ready. I think people say those things because your desire maybe fuels a concern that maybe they should be ready, too. I would just own it and say “yes! we are so excited!”

Do you have any tips for cleaning white tennis shoes? I bought the Superga white shoes at your recommendation and wore them all summer. They are now more off-white than white despite me wiping them down, then trying to wash in the washing machine and finally washing with bleach! No luck. Any other ideas of how to get them back to pure white?

Oxyclean White Revive!! Just put a scoop in with your standard laundry. 

I love that you included the lululemon pants in one of your recent “momwear” posts. Unfortunately, $118 is out of my price range. Are there any cheaper dupe options out there that you would suggest? 

I think you’re referring to these pants (which I love!) but if you want a similar pair at half the price – these CALIA woven pants (seen here in pink) are also AMAZING. A little lighter fabric so not as warm during the winter months – just FYI. 

Hello! I have loved following you for the past few years. I have a 3-year-old son and 5-month-old daughter and everything is tired—including my skin. I’ve loved your Beautycounter review and I’m also really interested in the Tula products you’ve written about. How do you decide which products to use from a collection? Do you recommend sticking with the same brands/collection, or mixing and matching? It’s hard to figure out what to invest in.

I’m going to do a huge updated post about my skincare favorites! I think in my profession I’ve been so lucky to be able to try lots of different brands and see what works and what doesn’t for my skin. I would say right now my favorites are from four brands and I try to stay consistent with the same products to really see the results that I want/need. I put more effort into my nighttime skin routine because that’s when I use more potent products that I want to work when I sleep! Here is what I use:


Step 1: Tula Purifying Cleanser
Step 2: Sunday Riley Good Genes 
Step 3: Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum OR 3x a week I use Sunday Riley A+ Retinol Serum
Step 4: Beautycounter Countertime Eye Cream
Step 6: *if I need extra moisture* Beautycounter Countertime Supreme Cream or a new Tula product that I’ll be sharing soon! or Elemis Night Cream


Step 1: Tula Purifying Cleanser or I’ll use a micellar wipe to just gently press reset!
*3x a week I’ll use one of these before the next step! I’m a big exfoliating fan. 
Step 2: Vitamin C Serum 
Step 3: Beautycounter Countertime Antioxidant Soft Cream or Tula Day/Night Cream 

*just a reminder, you can use code LIZADAMS for 20% off your Tula purchases!

I have a question I don’t think you’ve addressed on Coffee with Liz before. I’m having major surgery on November 1st. Since I will be out of work for 4 weeks stuck in bed, any suggestions for ways to make my room and bed more cozy and comfortable for recouping?

I’m so sorry to hear that! I’ll be thinking of you!! Hmmm….cozy textures (like extra soft blankets!), a yummy holiday candle, Netflix and maybe some twinkle lights to help you feel festive when you’re stuck inside!

You’ve inspired me to get into running lately. I love your style, what are some of your outdoor running gear must-haves as we head into the colder months?

I usually run in lots of layers whether it is a long sleeve tee with my favorite vest or even my Better Sweater. If it’s really cold I’ll usually wear an older version of this jacket (I want that yellow color!). I just ordered this beanie, too!

I am trying to plan a baby shower for a friend in the city. She is the ultimate party planner so it’s quite a task for a girl who panics at the thought of hosting a group of people. What are your suggestions for simple ways to elevate a baby shower? I want it to feel extra special but also know my own DYI abilities. Do you have any suggestions for venues in the city? Any tips for this non-party planner are greatly appreciated. 

Keep it simple and find inspiration on Pinterest! I would say do something custom—whether you have a bakery make custom cookies or you get little tags or menus made. That is such a special detail! My mom once threw a succulent-themed baby shower which had so much natural decor that was easy to assemble. Here is a quick search for some inspo! You can also find so many custom options on Etsy if you need some design help. In terms of venues I love the upstairs of Floriole – honestly so many of my favorite spots have closed over the years that I’m not as in the know with city venues anymore. I did go to a beautiful baby shower at Ella Elli! I hope this helps!

I recently pulled the trigger on the Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots and would love to wear them for my engagement photo session this winter. Can you please share some outfit inspo for styling them? Thank you! 

Yay! I’ve had my Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots for several years now and they are still one of my winter wardrobe staples—my favorite way to keep my legs warm without wearing tights (not a fan). I love wearing them with sweater dresses (as seen here, here, and here) or with a long coat and/or a fun skirt. I recently got this white sweater dress, which would be perfect for engagement photos, or what about a white sweater with a plaid or patterned skirt?

Can you talk about some of your favorite Christmas decor? Where do you buy your tree skirt, stockings, etc?

Our stockings are all needlepointed! My grandmother made mine when I was little, Dave’s grandmother made his and my mom has done two for the boys! I love Anthropologie’s holiday decor. More posts about this to come!! 

I love the gym and workout posts you do. They have inspired me to get my butt back in gear after about a year of major slacking! I am interested in hiring a trainer a couple of days a week, but I don’t know where to begin. Do you have any tips for hiring a trainer and what questions I should ask? I am 42 and have 3 kids age 13, 12 and 9, and my old workouts just don’t work anymore!

You’ve got this!! Hiring a personal trainer was one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself and I have no regrets. You may find this post helpful, where my personal trainer, Jake, answers lots of questions like where to start after a long break, what to eat before and after workouts, and how many times a week you should be working out to see results.

I’m a Southern California girl heading to Aspen for New Years and I don’t have the slightest clue how to look cute and manage to be functional in the snow. Please help!

What a fun trip! The outfits I shared in LiketoKnowIt from our Canada trip should be helpful for you—you can never go wrong with cozy sweaters, a good pair of boots and a cute hat!

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