Liz over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

A New Mindset for Fall

Shop the post: Levi’s Joggers (wearing a small), Sweet Romeo Sweatshirt (wearing a small), Time & Tru Sneakers (fits true to size)

Shop the post: Levi’s Joggers (wearing a small), Sweet Romeo Sweatshirt (wearing a small), Time & Tru Sneakers (fits true to size)

Last week I was feeling a little off. My body felt weak, my blood sugar felt low, my joints were achey, I was tired and I just kind of felt like shit. I have some anemia issues and realized I probably wasn’t getting enough iron but noticed that my body was craving a break. If I’m being honest I’ve been working out 6-7 days a week for the past 4 months with very little recovery time, stretching or low intensity days. Not that I’ve become obsessive with working out but it is so much a part of my routine now that when I don’t do it I notice a difference in my mood and energy levels. It’s a designated task on my to-do list but I’m realizing that doesn’t mean I have to do high intensity workouts every single day. So last week I took 4 days off from doing anything and it felt amazing. 

 On Monday I was at the gym and I was talking to another trainer about my little break. I told him I was feeling a little run down and he told me that they call that type of break “deloading.” My new favorite word. According to the fitness world, a deload is a short planned period of recovery. When your body is showing you signs of weakness (sore muscles, sore joints, exhaustion) then it’s probably craving a deload. BUT, when this trainer told me the importance of deloading I immediately felt like this term pertained to every area of my life. Deloading is something we all need in our lives and is something that I want to consciously implement into my personal routine. 

As someone who feels like they never really shut off – from the time I wake up and go to bed my mind is focused on my kids, mom tasks, wife tasks, business tasks, emails, cleaning the house, laundry, grocery shopping – it never ends. I rarely allow myself to take a break because it always feels like I need to be responding to something. But deloading and rebooting is so important. Usually this looks like exercise for me but it’s just as important to close the computer and open a book or tap out with your husband for a second and sit outside with a glass of wine or grab dinner with your girlfriends! As a mom (or just a woman in general!) I think we carry the emotion load for the family, or we are focused on being respected and valued at work – we put a lot on our shoulder to lessen the load for others. It’s in our blood! We forget how important it is to give that emotional load a break and recharge our batteries. 

So here I am, grabbing a coffee with my husband while the boys are at school. We sat on a bench by the train station and talked and watched trains go by. It was kind of relaxing! (In a very urban, not pretty, loud kind of way haha). But it was a deload for my mental state and I walked away feeling a little bit lighter. I feel like I really look the part for a good deload too! I am obsessed with these Levi’s denim joggers – so comfy and perfect for running errands, school drop off or post gym. Paired with literally the softest sweatshirt ever. The dolman sleeve makes it kind of slouchy and fun. I wear this with regular jeans every other day – ha. It’s even great for over workout leggings on the way to the gym. I also found these fun Golden Goose dupes at Walmart! Aren’t they fun!? I love the glittery black. They are a little more platform than typical GG’s which I appreciate since I’m a shorty. Under $20 and true to size! Also loving this leopard style. I’ve found so many cute things for fall at Walmart like these snake skin booties, this moto jacket, this leopard cardigan, this camo sweater, this fun belt bag and this leopard dress

I think we should all try to take a mental/emotional deload! It’s so important for our well-being! Do you see why this is my new favorite word? Definitely going to use it to slow down and enjoy my favorite season with my family!

A big thank you to Walmart for partnering on this post!