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My Workout + Meal Plan • Week of September 16, 2019

Liz Adams' Weekly Workout and Meal Plan

Pressing the reset button this week after a fun weekend with my college girlfriends! I INDULGED this weekend—all of the cheese, zero workouts since last Wednesday, lots of wine—and you know what, that’s ok! I feel like getting into a groove with working out and being conscious of what I eat has also lead me to feel ok with weekends that leave me a couple pounds heavier! It’s not like those weekends happen very often so when they do, I’m going to enjoy them! 

Yesterday at the airport I was reminding myself of the tasks on my to-do list for the week and some anxiousness about feeling “behind.” I was talking to Dave about it when I got home and he asked me, “Who is putting that pressure on you?” and the answer was me! So I spent last night prioritizing and detailing what really was stressing me out (majority of the things really weren’t a big deal) and highlighting the important tasks and what would ease the stress once checked off the list. I think a lot of us probably have an angel/devil on our shoulders tapping us and reminding us of what we SHOULD be doing or to hurry it up or that someone else is going to do it first if we don’t! And the truth is, most of the time all of these tasks are a race against time because we make them that way. So I reminded myself to take it day by day, make time for the things that help with my stress levels (working out) and really prioritizing my to-do lists. 

I’m upping my cardio this week to make up for the lack of last week and I haven’t been able to workout with my trainer much the past two weeks because of travel and such so I’m excited about two training sessions! Getting back in a groove always feels good. My meals this week focus on low carb, low dairy, and low sugar. I’ll be sharing all of these meals on my Instagram throughout the week! I’ll also be doing a post about how I make cauliflower gnocchi this week with the most DELICIOUS broccoli pesto (a great way to get those dark greens in!). 

I hope that these plans help you plan for your week! We can all hold each other accountable with #helloadamsfamily on Instagram! xoxo

Download a blank template to make your own weekly fitness plan here!