Ask Liz over 5 years ago by Liz Adams

Coffee with Liz • August 16, 2019

So Liz and I live parallel lives. Don’t worry, that’s not an opening for a creepy pitch as to why she and I should hang out, ha! My question is this—I am a mom of 2 girls, 4 and 1.5. I work from home and we have a nanny who comes from 8am-1pm. My house is incredibly disorganized and I’m always flailing around with a child in one arm and trying to get work done. From one mom of 2 young kids to another, do you have any insight as to how to stay above water during this crazy season of life? 

I love this!! It is so tough! I would say that my only saving grace is that three days a week my kids are OUT of the house – that is the one reason I chose day care vs. a nanny since I work from home. We used to have a babysitter when we lived in the city and those days forced me to leave the house (because I couldn’t work around my kids) but I came home feeling like I got nothing done because our house was wrecked. I think the fact that my kids are gone allows me to accomplish everything professionally and personally which is so important for my mental wellbeing. My best advice is to not put so much pressure on yourself while the kids are awake. Come to terms with the fact that your house will only be clean when your kids are asleep and laundry will only be attended to when they aren’t around. Give yourself grace, you’re doing the best that you can. Working AND being a mom. It’s not an easy job, in fact it is TWO jobs. Embrace the chaos because it is what is it! 

You are the only blogger I’ve ever followed and I’m always recommending you to my friends for your humor, realness, style and cool mom vibes. I’m traveling to Chicago with my husband for business and I’ll have a free day to myself while he works. I know you have a few Chicago guides on HAF, but my definition of relaxing is to wander a cute neighborhood and browse all of the boutiques. Where can I find the best boutique shopping? We are staying in Lincoln Park.

Oh my gosh thank you!! I would say the best boutique shopping is either Armitage in Lincoln Park or Southport in the Southport Corridor. Both strips have the best boutiques in the city (in my opinion, that are reasonably priced). If you really want to splurge, Oak Street in the Goldcoast is a must-see for all things designer. 

I admire how patient you are as a parent. I have an almost 2-year-old boy and a 2-month-old boy and some days are a real struggle. To balance nursing and other needs for the new baby I feel like I have relied on TV a TON for my toddler and I feel guilty. How do you balance tv and screen time with the boys?

I mean honestly, no shame in using the TV to give yourself a break. You’re in the THICK of it! I wouldn’t say we have a good balance of it – we let our kids watch TV in the morning to ease into the day (usually 30ish minutes) before I try to turn on music and encourage playtime! Then again at night before bed. We also try to get outside as much as possible while it is nice! If I have to get things done for work then I turn the TV on, it’s the only way to actually get things done without worrying that they are getting into trouble. In the long run, letting them watch TV is not going to determine the type of child they are going to be! You’re in a season of life that requires your attention to be split unevenly so find support where you can get it!

My fiancé and I are doing our engagement photos Labor Day weekend up in Northern Michigan and I have no idea what to wear. I’m pretty casual and want the photos to reflect us, but I’m struggling to find the right outfit. I like the idea of a casual summer midi or maxi dress but can’t seem to find the right one. I’d love to keep the price under $100. Any ideas or suggestions? You are always rocking the cutest summer dresses! 

I love this, this, this, this or this!

I’ve been following your blog for years and absolutely love it. It’s always a happy read to start my day. After a tough year filled with a couple of losses, I’m so excited to say that my husband and I are expecting our first baby in just a few short months! As someone who is on the petite side, I’ve been struggling to find maternity clothes that don’t pool at my ankles. I love your style and would love your suggestions for something to wear to my (yay!) baby shower in early October. Thanks!

Honestly I’m kind of out of the pregnancy game! I love everything Hatch Collection does and ASOS has so many amazing dress options

I’m looking for a new everyday band for my Apple Watch. I’ve got a few colors of the silicone bands and a leather option so I want something fun and different! Maybe something that looks more like a bracelet? 

I’ve being eyeing these tortoise shell Apple Watch bands! Also love this rose gold band and this cheetah band!

What are your thoughts on giving/receiving wedding gifts that aren’t on the registry? Would that be memorable and appreciated, or is that a faux pas? My best friend (of 20 years) is getting married in October and I just can’t get myself to buy her a toaster, blender, etc.

I totally get it and think that as a close friend, a gift off of the registry is so special! I have always gotten my best friend something special for a baby/bridal shower and then given cash for their weddings to go towards whatever they want as a couple. I think a sentimental gift, especially as we get older, is so special.

This is kind of personal (hopefully it’s okay!), but do you think you’ll have another baby? My husband and I have two and definitely want another but are currently trying to decide when. We like the age gap between our first two (similar to Charlie and Jack) and would love to stay on that pace with the same age gap between 2 + 3, but sometimes it’s hard when you’ve made a lot of progress recovering from two pregnancies to face the beginning of that long road again! Plus sooooo much time without wine.

SAME GIRL. Honestly, dealing with Charlie as a three year old has been a rough go and it’s made me realize that I need him to be a little older before we welcome another child (if we can!). Our hope is to have another baby next year when Charlie is almost 5 so he can be more helpful than harmful – ha! And also, bring on the fall/holiday season with all of the wine!

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